EVPassport Joins ZETA Coalition for EV Promotion

EVPassport has officially announced its Zero Emission Transportation Association (ZETA) membership. As a leading entity with the nation’s most dependable EV charging network, EVPassport will now collaborate with ZETA’s extensive group of industry frontrunners, all dedicated to accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs).

Why It Matters The integration of EVPassport into the ZETA coalition signifies a significant step in advancing electric vehicle charging infrastructure. This collaboration aims to influence key Washington, DC, and nationwide policymakers, emphasizing the importance of a robust and reliable EV charging network. Such a network is pivotal for the widespread adoption and utilization of electric vehicles.

Key Points

  • EVPassport is renowned for its dependable EV charging network.
  • The company’s decision to join ZETA is rooted in its commitment to total electrification.
  • ZETA’s primary objective is to achieve 100% EV sales in the United States.
  • Both entities recognize the urgency of addressing transportation as the leading source of carbon emissions in the U.S.

Bottom Line EVPassport, headquartered in Venice, California, stands as a technological pioneer in EV charging software and hardware. Founded by industry leaders from renowned companies like Twitter, Oracle, and Salesforce, EVPassport is driven by its mission to serve forward-thinking global companies that prioritize customer satisfaction. With the backing of a $25-billion-dollar private equity firm and a clientele that includes Fairfield Residential and National Development, EVPassport’s partnership with ZETA is poised to make significant strides in the realm of electric vehicle adoption.


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