Ford Joins U.S. Joint Office of Energy and Transportation in National EV Charging Initiative

What’s Happening

Ford Motor Company is partnering with the U.S. Joint Office of Energy and Transportation to inaugurate the National Charging Experience Consortium. This novel initiative aims to rapidly devise strategies that can bolster the electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure and experience throughout the United States.

Why It Matters

As electric vehicles become an increasingly important part of transportation, having an efficient, reliable, and user-friendly charging system is vital. The Consortium is designed to drive progress and universal advancements in the current and prospective public charging infrastructure, and to enhance the overall customer experience. The focus will be on payment processing, user interfaces, and vehicle-to-charger communication, among other areas. Collaborative diagnostic data sharing will be employed to support problem-solving efforts for all stakeholders.

Key Points

Ford will work alongside a diverse industry group composed of other automakers, charging providers, utility companies, and Department of Energy national laboratories. This collective endeavor emphasizes the need for cross-industry collaboration in overcoming the challenges faced by the EV charging sector.

The head of global charging and energy services at Ford, Bill Crider, commented on the initiative: “Creating a seamless and simple public charging experience requires collaboration across the entire electric vehicle ecosystem, and remains key to accelerating EV adoption and providing customers with range confidence.” He stressed the role of the Consortium in bridging the gaps between industry, academia, and government in order to improve the overall charging experience.

Bottom Line

Ford’s participation in the National Charging Experience Consortium highlights the automaker’s commitment to fostering the development and adoption of electric vehicles. By promoting a cooperative approach to addressing the current challenges in public EV charging infrastructure, Ford, along with its partners, is set to make significant strides in enhancing the experience for all EV drivers, thereby encouraging more people to make the switch to electric.


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