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FreeWire Technologies has unveiled its Accelerate Program, offering businesses a unique opportunity to host custom-branded, ultrafast electric vehicle (EV) charging stations without any initial financial investment. This initiative not only promises to enhance customer traffic and revenue by meeting the growing demand for EV charging solutions but also positions these businesses as leaders in sustainability and innovation.

Key Highlights:

  • FreeWire’s Accelerate Program: Allows businesses to host ultrafast EV chargers with zero upfront costs.
  • Flexible Deployment Options: Tailored to meet unique site requirements, facilitating easy installation.
  • Revenue Sharing Model: Businesses earn from charging sessions, supported by a minimum payment guarantee.
  • Custom Branding Opportunities: Enhances brand visibility and customer engagement.
  • Support for EV Adoption: Aims to expand the public fast-charging infrastructure ahead of the projected surge in EVs by 2030.

FreeWire Technologies, a pioneer in battery-integrated EV charging and energy management solutions, today announced a strategic move with its Accelerate Program. This program enables business venues to offer high-speed EV charging facilities, managed and operated by FreeWire, thus eliminating the financial barrier to entry. With an eye on the significant increase in EV adoption expected by 2030, the program is designed to expedite the deployment of necessary charging infrastructure across the United States.

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The initiative offers a comprehensive package, managing everything from installation and site design to ongoing maintenance and electricity costs. By embracing a model where FreeWire retains ownership of the equipment while sharing revenues, participating businesses can transform parking spaces into lucrative assets and enticing customer amenities.

Arcady Sosinov, FreeWire Founder and CCO, emphasized the dual benefit of the program, stating, “The Accelerate Program demonstrates our conviction in the improving economics of EV charging. We are investing our capital to promote our customers’ businesses enabling them to market an EV offering under their brand with zero upfront costs.”

A standout feature of the Accelerate Program is the ability for businesses to customize the branding of these charging stations, providing a unique marketing opportunity that aligns with their brand image. Moreover, the inclusion of a 24” screen on FreeWire’s Boost Charger offers direct engagement with customers during charging sessions. This not only amplifies brand presence but also delivers valuable insights into charger usage and customer behavior, enabling businesses to refine their strategies and enhance customer satisfaction.

Among the early adopters of the Accelerate Program is Chevron, highlighting the program’s appeal to a broad spectrum of businesses. This flexibility, coupled with the potential for full ownership of the charging stations after five years, presents a forward-thinking solution for meeting the needs of EV drivers and supporting the global shift towards electric vehicles.

For businesses interested in exploring the potential of hosting an ultrafast EV charging station, FreeWire Technologies offers advanced AI site assessment tools, available through their website. This initiative marks a significant step towards accommodating the burgeoning demand for EV charging infrastructure, supporting both the environment and the entrepreneurial community.

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