FREYR’s Milestone in Battery Production

FREYR Battery, a leader in the development of next-generation battery cell production, recently announced a significant operational advancement at their Customer Qualification Plant (CQP) in Mo i Rana, Norway. This update centers around the successful execution of automated cathode casting trials.

Why It Matters

These trials represent a crucial step in FREYR’s journey toward automated battery cell production. The progress at CQP is not just a technical achievement but also a testament to FREYR’s commitment to advancing clean energy technologies. As the world increasingly shifts towards sustainable energy solutions, developments like these have far-reaching implications for the battery industry and clean energy sector.

Key Points

  • Trial Success: FREYR has successfully conducted automated cathode casting trials at the CQP, using updated cathode casting equipment and a sophisticated vacuum system. These trials included runs at varying nozzle distances and speeds, demonstrating versatility and precision in the process.
  • Technical Milestone: Mike Brose, Head of the Asset Mo team at FREYR, highlighted this as a vital interim technical milestone, emphasizing the collective effort and systematic approach involved in reaching this stage.
  • Commissioning Status: With the completion of these trials, FREYR has finalized 88% of its production line equipment commissioning and testing packages at the CQP, marking significant progress towards full operational capacity.
  • Future Goals: The company’s focus now shifts to replicating these trials with the anode production line and integrating various components for automated cell production, targeting in-spec, customer-testable batteries by 2024.

Bottom Line

FREYR Battery’s successful automated cathode casting trials mark a pivotal moment in its mission to revolutionize battery cell production. This development not only underscores FREYR’s technological prowess but also aligns with the global push towards sustainable energy solutions. As FREYR moves closer to full-scale automated production, its work continues to be crucial in shaping the future of the battery industry and clean energy landscape.


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