Garrett Motion Partners with BMW to Propel Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology

A strategic collaboration between Garrett Motion and BMW Group set to transform the future of zero-emission transportation with a novel fuel cell compressor. Garrett’s ground-breaking technology powers the new BMW iX5 Hydrogen, reinforcing BMW’s commitment to clean mobility.

What’s Happening

Garrett Motion Inc., a trailblazing technology leader in the auto industry, is working closely with BMW Group to advance their commitment to zero-emission hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. This partnership features an innovative electric fuel cell compressor (FCC) designed by Garrett’s Research & Development team. This development emerges in light of BMW Group’s recent announcement of a small series pilot of the second generation of the BMW iX5 Hydrogen, driven by Garrett’s modular fuel cell compressor.

Why It Matters

For the past four years, Garrett has been working in tandem with BMW Group to construct an advanced hydrogen fuel cell compressor tailored to BMW’s specific requirements. This initiative will culminate in a comprehensive, on-road trial later this year. Garrett’s collaboration with BMW Group not only underscores their shared commitment to clean mobility but also exemplifies Garrett’s continuous investment in technological innovation.

Key Points

The electric air compressor from Garrett plays a pivotal role in the BMW iX5 Hydrogen’s fuel cell system, enabling efficient energy production. Garrett’s high-performance compressor optimizes air flow and pressure, boosting the fuel cell system’s power density and output, thereby enhancing the efficiency and longevity of the fuel cell stack. In addition, the new turbine expander designed for this application promotes a significant reduction in electricity consumption for air compression compared to conventional fuel cell compressors.

Bottom Line

Garrett’s innovative fuel cell compressor technology sets a new benchmark in the automotive industry. This cutting-edge technology, tried and tested against severe temperature, humidity, and vibration levels, reaffirms BMW Group’s commitment to reliable, clean mobility. Garrett’s expertise in turbo aerodynamics is reflected in their high-performance electric fuel cell compressors that operate beyond standard industry speeds of 150,000 rpm. Configurable to fit various hydrogen-powered electric powertrains, Garrett’s compressors offer unparalleled efficiency, performance, and versatility. With the first generation launched in 2016, Garrett continues to lead the industry’s path toward a hydrogen-fuelled future.


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