Genesis Unveils X Concept Trilogy at Dubai Opera, Paving the Way for Zero-Emission Future

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – Genesis hosted a VIP viewing of the X Concept Trilogy at the Dubai Opera. The intimate event was a significant moment in the brand’s journey, showcasing its versatility in design.

Genesis demonstrated all three concepts during the reveal, including the Genesis X Concept, the Genesis X Speedium Coupe, and the Genesis X Convertible. The event was opulent, with VIP guests arriving in chauffeured Genesis vehicles and a night filled with stunning performances and reveals, artistic food and beverages, and keynotes from Genesis executives.

Omar Al-Zubaidi, Head of Genesis Middle East & Africa, kicked off the event and was followed by a talk session led by Graeme Russell, Genesis Chief Brand Officer, and Luc Donckerwolke, Group Chief Creative Officer, on the trilogy design and brand vision for Genesis.

Speaking on the success of the evening, Al-Zubaidi said, “We are proud to have hosted the world’s first showcase of the Genesis X Concept Trilogy. These experimental models are strong symbols of the importance of design for the brand and we are grateful for the continued support from our partners and VIP guests.”

Genesis Unveils X Concept Trilogy at Dubai Opera, Paving the Way for Zero-Emission Future

The X Concept Trilogy is a demonstration of Genesis’ capability to design and develop vehicles without being limited by typology. The ‘X’ symbolizes a “hidden hero” and represents the exploration of various design possibilities for the brand.

Donckerwolke said, “The X concept cars are showcasing the brand’s future and demonstrating that the new EV Genesis portfolio will be elegant, thrilling, and desirable.”

The first in the series, the Genesis X Concept, was debuted in Los Angeles in March 2021. This EV-based Gran Turismo concept car showcased the brand’s vision of sustainable luxury through its Athletic Elegance design language.

The second concept, the Genesis X Speedium Coupe, was inspired by the passion for motorsports and focuses on the emotional value of driving in the era of electrification. This model also features an evolution of the Genesis Crest Grille to symbolize its electric powertrain.

The third concept, the X Convertible, takes the X Speedium Coupe further up the emotional scale by offering a heightened sensory experience through its open roof, allowing for a direct connection with the environment.

Russell said, “Our pursuit of electrification is about exploring new paths, and our goal is to become a zero-emission vehicle brand by 2030 and achieve carbon-net-zero status by 2035.”

The X Concept Trilogy highlights the future of the EV era, where the powertrain, along with new technology, will set a new stage for drivers and passengers to interact with their environment in exciting new ways.


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