GM-Honda Launch Hydrogen Venture

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GM and Honda have commenced production at Fuel Cell System Manufacturing LLC (FCSM), marking the first instance of large-scale fuel cell manufacturing by a joint venture. Established in Brownstown, Michigan, FCSM represents a significant leap in the commercialization of hydrogen fuel cell systems.

Initiated in January 2017 with a joint investment of $85 million, this 70,000-square-foot facility has generated 80 jobs. The hydrogen power solutions manufactured here will be employed in various applications by both GM and Honda.

FCSM president Suheb Haq emphasized the venture’s significance: “This is a historic day for the industry as GM and Honda are the first full fuel cell system manufacturing joint venture to begin volume production of fuel cells for transportation and beyond,” he stated. Haq highlighted the comprehensive manufacturing process, from raw materials to completed systems, crediting the ongoing investment and commitment of both companies for FCSM’s success.

Tetsuo Suzuki, FCSM’s vice president, underscored the collaboration’s strengths: “We integrated the strengths of Honda and GM to create the most capable production system at this joint venture,” he said. Suzuki pointed out the mass production mindset, attention to detail, and high-quality focus, readying FCSM to meet future customer needs in fuel cell technology.

GM-Honda Launch Hydrogen Venture

Since 2013, GM and Honda engineers have collaborated on developing a next-generation fuel cell system. This collaboration has yielded significant improvements in system performance and durability, doubling the longevity compared to the 2019 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell. Corrosion-resistant materials and enhanced low-temperature operation have been instrumental in these advancements.

Moreover, concerted efforts by both companies have led to a one-third cost reduction in manufacturing the new fuel cell systems compared to the 2019 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell. This cost efficiency was achieved through economies of scale, advanced cell design, simplification of auxiliary equipment, common sourcing, and reduced use of precious metals.

FCSM has also implemented pioneering methods in automating membrane-electrode-assembly production and fuel cell stack assembly, enhancing both quality and manufacturing productivity.

The joint venture combines the intellectual property and expertise of GM and Honda, aiming to produce affordable, commercially viable hydrogen fuel cell systems for a range of zero-emissions applications.

Both GM and Honda envision hydrogen and fuel cell technology as crucial in meeting diverse zero-emissions energy and mobility needs. For more information on each company’s hydrogen strategy, visit the provided links.

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