GMC and EarthCruiser Team Up for Electric Overlanding Future

What’s Happening: GMC and EarthCruiser Overland Vehicles are collaborating to develop zero-tailpipe-emission overlanding solutions by integrating EarthCruiser’s innovative technologies with GMC’s electric vehicles, such as the HUMMER EV Pickup.

Why It Matters: This partnership aims to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles in the overlanding market while reducing the environmental impact of traditional off-roading vehicles.

Key Points:

  • GMC and EarthCruiser share a vision for an electric future in overlanding, aiming to provide customers with reliable, eco-friendly solutions.
  • The collaboration will leverage EarthCruiser’s experience in overland and off-road vehicle development, as well as its engineering technologies for unique, self-contained living habitats.
  • GMC’s commitment to an all-electric future is evident through its HUMMER EV Pickup, HUMMER EV SUV, and Sierra EV Denali offerings.
  • The GMC HUMMER EV overlander concept is expected to be unveiled in late summer 2023.

Bottom Line: The partnership between GMC and EarthCruiser signifies a significant step towards the electrification of overlanding, aiming to provide customers with innovative, sustainable, and adventure-ready vehicles.


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