GRIDSERVE Boosts EV Charging Power with Innovative Solar Battery

GRIDSERVE, the industry leader in Electric Vehicle (EV) charging technology, has achieved another milestone in the UK with the deployment of a groundbreaking solution at Cornwall Services. This state-of-the-art mechanism leverages the power of solar energy and advanced batteries, considerably enhancing the existing grid’s charging capabilities. As a result, the site now features an “Electric Super Hub” equipped with 12 advanced charging stations.

Why It Matters

By harnessing a 100kW grid connection, lithium-ion battery, solar power, and GRIDSERVE Technologies’ cutting-edge software, the company has significantly increased the charging power available on the frequently trafficked route. The formerly installed two 50kW chargers have been replaced with 12 high-tech chargers, providing a much-needed boost to the site’s charging capacities. This innovation also prepares the location for future demands, providing high-power EV charging that’s way ahead of new grid connection capabilities.

Key Points

  • The Cornwall Services site now operates with chargers capable of delivering up to 350kW of power. The full power capacity will be gradually rolled out during a testing and optimization phase expected to span several months.
  • A 1MW SEC 1000 battery, monitored by GRIDSERVE Technologies’ intelligent system, will manage its load and output, maximizing charging speeds while minimizing time spent at chargers.
  • Future software updates will allow more precise predictions of future demand, solar generation forecasting, and optimal EV charging demand synchronization.
  • The correlation between solar energy generation and energy consumption throughout the day, especially in Cornwall—a popular summer vacation destination—makes solar energy a vital additional source of power.
  • GRIDSERVE has applied for permission to construct a solar farm adjacent to Cornwall Services. This farm will directly connect to the battery and chargers, delivering up to four million zero-carbon miles of energy directly into EVs annually.

Bottom Line

The deployment of this innovative solution by GRIDSERVE sets a precedent for high-power EV charging that doesn’t rely solely on new grid connections. These are traditionally challenging to establish and can be both time-consuming and costly. By swiftly integrating solar and battery technologies, the company successfully brings this Electric Super Hub to the A30, a key route in the South West, years ahead of any potential new higher-power grid connection.

GRIDSERVE CEO, Toddington Harper, expressed delight in bringing this unique solution to Cornwall Services and hopes it could serve as a template for similar future projects. Commercial Manager at Cornwall Services, Andrew King, shared his enthusiasm, acknowledging the substantial contribution of GRIDSERVE in enhancing their customers’ experience while minimizing environmental impact.

GRIDSERVE remains steadfast in its commitment to establish an expansive, efficient UK-wide charging network that provides EV drivers with the confidence to undertake any journey, ensuring quick, reliable, and affordable charging.


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