Flee vehicles will be available to lease on the Helbiz app, starting from Italy

NEW YORK – Helbiz announced a partnership with Flee, the long-term electric car rental service owned by Aon Mobility Solutions, to expand the innovative transportation offerings in the Helbiz app.

Flee is the first long-term pay-per-use car rental service that uses a digital approach and provides an optional, personalized consultation from experts to help select the best vehicle for their needs. Through this partnership, users will be able to safely and conveniently access Flee’s car leasing service through the Helbiz app beginning today.

This partnership helps create a wider integrated ecosystem with the introduction of electric cars as an option in addition to e-scooters, e-bikes, and e-mopeds. It underscores Helbiz’s continued commitment to bringing innovative solutions to its users, offering them a variety of mobility options that best suit their transportation needs.

“The partnership with Flee for us at Helbiz is a source of great pride, and it is yet another opportunity that allows us to demonstrate how much the synergies between the two companies lead to the achievement of shared goals: respect for the environment, sustainability and the continued interest in developing collaborations that lead to a smarter and greener mobility,” said Jonathan Hannestad, Chief Operating Officer of Helbiz. “We are happy to be able to expand our ecosystem of mobility that allows customers to have access to different solutions that meet their every need.”

Gabriele Ratti, Head of Mobility, Affinity, SME & DCS in Aon, said, “thanks to this partnership with Helbiz, Flee starts a path to build a green and innovative mobility ecosystem that is even more integrated, with the aim of becoming a reference point for users who in their daily lives that need to use different means to move quickly, sustainably and comfortably. The evolution of the market and of mobility habits have in fact led more and more people to abandon their own cars to resort to smarter and more accessible solutions, such as sharing and long-term rental. The solutions offered also allow for the optimization of one’s mobility budget.”