Hilton and Tesla Bolster EV Charging Infrastructure

Hilton, in collaboration with Tesla, revealed plans to establish the largest overnight electric vehicle (EV) charging network within the hospitality sector. Starting in early 2024, Hilton will deploy up to 20,000 Tesla Universal Wall Connectors across 2,000 hotels in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

Why It Matters

As the demand for EV-friendly accommodations surges, this expansion will position Hilton as the preferred choice for a rapidly growing segment of travelers who rely on electric vehicles. The initiative aligns with the recent introduction of Tesla’s Universal Wall Connector, which is engineered to accommodate any North American EV model, highlighting Tesla’s ambition to furnish all electric vehicles with top-tier charging solutions.

Key Points

  • Each participating Hilton hotel will be equipped with a minimum of six chargers.
  • Tesla’s Universal Wall Connector can charge any North American EV model.
  • The project will make Hilton the most extensive EV charging network in hospitality.

Matt Schuyler, Chief Brand Officer at Hilton, emphasized, “Our new collaboration with Tesla aims to transform the North American EV charging infrastructure rapidly. This extensive network will enhance our guest experience by providing overnight charging at numerous locations under Hilton’s esteemed brand portfolio.”

Hilton’s strategic positioning of hotels near highways and vital urban centers in North America makes it ideal for furnishing travelers with convenient charging options.

Rebecca Tinucci, Tesla’s Senior Director of Charging Infrastructure, stated, “For substantial EV uptake, we need to surpass the conventional gasoline vehicle experience. By setting up charging units at frequented places like Hilton, EV drivers can charge during their stay, eliminating the need for redundant fuel stops. Hilton’s pioneering efforts in this domain deserve commendation.”

Bottom Line

The demand for hotel EV charging facilities is on the rise, as seen by the growing number of relevant searches on Hilton’s website. In 2023, the site saw its EV charging search function skyrocket in popularity, becoming a pivotal factor in turning searches into bookings. Hilton’s commitment to enhancing the travel experience, while concurrently minimizing environmental impact, aligns with its “Travel with Purpose” ethos. This venture with Tesla is a significant stride in that direction, offering eco-conscious travelers more sustainable travel options.


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