HiPhi Unveils New Experience Centre in Oslo

HiPhi, a forward-thinking LuxTech Electric Vehicle (EV) brand, has proudly inaugurated its second European brand experience center, fondly referred to as HiPhi Hub, located in Oslo, Norway. This strategic expansion follows closely on the heels of the opening of the Munich HiPhi Hub, reflecting a rapid and sustained investment into the European market. The Oslo HiPhi Hub is situated within Strømmen Storsenter, the largest shopping center in Norway, establishing a notable presence in a high-traffic area.

Why It Matters

Norway is renowned for having the highest market share of EV registrations across Europe, making it a pivotal location for HiPhi, which is championing China’s premium EV market. The brand seeks to immerse consumers in an environment that is not only conducive to exploring the high-tech, luxury offerings of HiPhi vehicles but also comfortable and accessible. Given Norway’s fluctuating weather patterns and the resulting popularity of indoor shopping centers, the location within Strømmen Storsenter is synergistic with both consumer convenience and brand visibility.

HiPhi Unveils New Experience Centre in Oslo

Key Points

  • HiPhi’s Oslo Hub is strategically placed in Norway’s largest shopping center, ensuring visibility and accessibility.
  • The exclusive HiPhi Y model, which has achieved substantial success in China with 2,577 units sold in the first two full sales months, was previewed at an elite reception for VIP guests.
  • Visitors to the HiPhi Hub can explore the HiPhi X, recognized as the world’s first evolvable supercar SUV, and the innovative Digital GT – HiPhi Z, alongside the upcoming HiPhi Y LuxTech SUV.
  • Beyond mere sales, the HiPhi Hub will offer a bespoke after-sales experience, collaborating with experienced service partners for premium servicing, maintenance, and repair, with more details to follow.

Bottom Line

HiPhi is making calculated strides in amplifying its European footprint, with the opening of a second HiPhi Hub in a strategically vital EV market – Norway. The Oslo Hub not only reinforces the brand’s commitment to providing an immersive, luxury experience for consumers but also stands as a testament to HiPhi’s ambitious international expansion strategy. Positioned within a premier shopping location and showcasing a suite of HiPhi’s groundbreaking EV models, the new hub signifies a confluence of innovation, luxury, and strategic market penetration.


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