Karma Automotive and Pratt Miller Mobility Join Forces for Future of Electric Performance Vehicles

What’s Happening

Karma Automotive, a pioneer in luxury electric vehicles (EV), has announced a strategic partnership with Pratt Miller Engineering, known for its successful racing history in the United States. The collaboration is aimed at defining a race-inspired performance signature for Karma’s current and future production vehicles, enhancing their quality with ‘special edition’ upgrades.

Why It Matters

This new alliance signifies a major leap forward for electric performance vehicles, combining Karma’s Southern California luxury EV craftsmanship and design with Pratt Miller’s rich automotive heritage from Michigan. As Karma prepares for its forthcoming vehicle lineup and 10th-anniversary celebration starting from November, this collaboration marks a critical phase in the brand’s evolution.

Key Points

Karma’s President, Marques McCammon, voiced his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating it aligns perfectly with the future direction of Karma. According to Christopher Andrews, director of mobility business development at Pratt Miller, both teams are committed to creating unmatched driving experiences and advanced driving dynamics for electric vehicles.

Pratt Miller, established in 1989 and based in New Hudson, Michigan, is an esteemed engineering, technology, and product development company with a rich racing engineering heritage. They have amassed over 150 race victories at significant events such as Le Mans, Indianapolis, and Daytona. Pratt Miller’s portfolio also includes significant advancements in robotics, electrification, autonomous, and connected systems.

Bottom Line

“Track credible performance will define Karma’s brand identity as we approach our 10th anniversary and expand our portfolio,” said McCammon. He expressed anticipation for the evolution of their partnership with Pratt Miller, a collaboration set to define a new level of product vision by combining their respective strengths. The special edition packages are just the beginning, with the expectation for the relationship with Pratt Miller to further expand in the years to come.


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