Karma’s KICC Reopens for Ultra-Luxury Manufacturing

Karma Automotive celebrates the reopening of its Karma Innovation & Customization Center (KICC) in Southern California, marking a new chapter in ultra-luxury vehicle manufacturing. Key leaders, including Assemblymember Dr. Corey Jackson and California Senator Richard Roth, attended the event.

Key Highlights:

  • Karma Automotive’s KICC resumes operations, focusing on ultra-luxury electric and E-REV vehicles.
  • Production includes the Kaveya super-coupe, Gyesera four-seater, and the 3rd Generation Karma Revero sport sedan.
  • Support for Bill AB 2448 aims to create EV Economic Opportunity Zones in Riverside County.
  • KICC represents an investment exceeding $100 million, with a total investment in Southern California surpassing $600 million.
  • KICC will employ over 250 people in well-paying jobs.
  • Collaboration with local educational institutions and community organizations ensures workforce development.

Marques McCammon, President of Karma Automotive, emphasized the significance of KICC, stating, “KICC is the beating heart of Karma Automotive, and the cars we build here and the people who build them embody the entrepreneurial vision, technical innovation, dedication to craftsmanship and sheer capability which is innate to California like no other place in the world.”

Karma Automotive is dedicated to expanding electric vehicle (EV) manufacturing and infrastructure in Southern California. The company supports Bill AB 2448, introduced by Assemblymember Corey A. Jackson, which aims to create Electric Vehicle Economic Opportunity Zones in Riverside County. This bill is designed to incentivize EV-related businesses and initiatives, fostering job creation, improving air quality, and boosting economic opportunities. The bill has passed the California House of Representatives unanimously and is currently under Senate consideration.

The reopening of KICC marks an investment of over $100 million, with the total investment in Southern California communities expected to exceed $600 million. Once fully operational, KICC is projected to employ over 250 people in well-paying jobs. Karma Automotive has been actively collaborating with elected officials, local government agencies, and community organizations to ensure that these job opportunities benefit local residents.

KICC originally opened in 2015 and spans a vast 556,000 square feet, housing a body shop, general assembly, paint shop, final process alignment, and dynamic test stations. The production at KICC’s Battery Assembly Facility has also commenced, enhancing supply chain efficiency and sustainability in the region.

Furthermore, Karma Automotive is expanding opportunities for community members and employees through onsite job training, workforce development programs, and partnerships with local trade schools and colleges, including Moreno Valley College, Riverside Community College District, and UCI.

About Karma Automotive

Karma Automotive is California’s first and only ultra-luxury automaker, producing electric and E-REV vehicles at its facility in Moreno Valley, with executive and design headquarters in Irvine. The Karma portfolio exemplifies California’s innovative and entrepreneurial spirit, highlighted by the distinctive “Comet Line” in its design. The 3rd Generation Karma Revero sport sedan is set to debut in the fourth quarter of 2024, offering a blend of luxury and environmental consciousness. The Gyesera four-seater is expected in 2025, followed by the Karma Kaveya super-coupe in 2026, which will feature up to 1,000 horsepower and butterfly doors. Karma Automotive’s dealer network extends across North America, Europe, South America, and the Middle East.

For more information, visit www.karmaautomotive.com.

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