Marriott Partners with EV Connect for Charging Stations

EV Connect has secured its position as a chosen provider for electric vehicle (EV) charging for Marriott International’s hotels across the U.S. and Canada. This agreement enables up to 6,000 eligible Marriott venues to utilize EV Connect’s suite of products and services to implement, oversee, and cater to the EV charging needs of their guests.

Why It Matters

By the end of 2023, an estimated 14 million electric vehicles are anticipated to be on the roads. Consequently, the hospitality sector is recognizing the urgent need to furnish charging infrastructures. This collaboration not only simplifies EV charging for Marriott properties but also signifies Marriott’s maiden agreement of this kind, promising reliable charging stations across its North American venues.

Key Points

  • The partnership facilitates a seamless process for Marriott locations to integrate and regulate EV charging stations via the EV Connect platform.
  • Ram Ambatipudi, Senior Vice President of Business Development at EV Connect, emphasizes the collaboration’s pivotal role in advancing the EV market and reshaping the hospitality landscape.
  • The EV Connect platform offers an easy-to-navigate charging station management system, bolstered by top-tier customer support, from the setup phase to aiding drivers.
  • Marriott locations can customize the charging equipment used on this open platform, catering to each property’s distinct requirements.
  • EV Connect Shield ensures Marriott properties receive superior warranty coverage, including station repair, software assistance, and a range of fieldwork services.

Bottom Line

The demand for EV charging facilities at hotels is on the rise. With its vast network of around 8,600 properties spanning 139 countries, Marriott International is set to enhance the guest experience by promoting sustainable travel choices. This collaboration with EV Connect ensures guests will benefit from efficient charging solutions. The EV Connect app will also feature these charging stations, enabling guests to easily locate and make payments for their EV charging needs.


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