Mobilize PowerBox: Eco-Friendly Charging Innovation

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Mobilize PowerBox Launches in France through a collaboration between LACROIX and the Renault network, marking a significant step in electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure development. This innovative charging station is now entering production at LACROIX’s Symbiose electronics plant in Beaupréau-en-Mauges, Maine-et-Loire, with an initial capacity to produce 65,000 units annually.

Developed by Software République members (Orange, Renault Group, STMicroelectronics, and Thales) and IoTecha Corp, Mobilize PowerBox is designed to safely charge all electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. It offers four distinct versions, including a bidirectional variant (V2G), enabling users not only to charge their vehicles but also to supply electricity back to the grid. This feature, along with its connectivity, facilitates intelligent electricity grid management. Users can remotely control and monitor the charging process via the “My PowerBox” app.

Mobilize PowerBox will be available through Mobilize Power Solutions across the Renault network, simplifying the transition to electric vehicles for users. The industrial launch event for Mobilize PowerBox is set for February 8, 2024, where partners from the Software République’s innovation ecosystem will gather at the Symbiose electronics plant.

Manufacturing at LACROIX’s Symbiose Plant is pivotal, showcasing LACROIX’s capacity to produce up to 65,000 units per year with potential expansion to meet market demand. This initiative underscores a commitment to relocalizing the electronics sector in France, supported by a network of local suppliers to minimize carbon impact.

The Software République’s collaborative effort has yielded a product that emphasizes cybersecurity and technological advancement, with each partner contributing their expertise in various domains such as smart charging hardware, telecommunications, electric vehicle charging architecture, semiconductor components, and cybersecurity.

Adapting to Diverse Needs, Mobilize PowerBox serves both individual and professional users with its range of models. From the simple UNO version for home use to the VERSO version for bidirectional charging, the station is designed to integrate seamlessly into various settings and electrical installations.

Moreover, the “My PowerBox” app enhances user convenience by allowing remote charge control and monitoring, further optimizing the charging experience.

To support the shift towards electric mobility, the purchase and installation process of Mobilize PowerBox has been streamlined. Customers can opt for an “all-inclusive” charging solution when buying their electric vehicles from the Renault network, simplifying the transition with a comprehensive approach that leverages innovative tools for installation planning.

This development reflects a significant advancement in supporting electric mobility, demonstrating a collaborative effort to enhance the EV ecosystem with a focus on innovation, security, and sustainability.

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