Motiv Power Systems Launches Next-Generation Electric Trucks for Medium-Duty Fleets

What’s Happening

Motiv Power Systems, an acclaimed innovator in the electric vehicle (EV) space, has unveiled its latest generation of electric trucks. With a 14-year history of supplying all-electric step vans, box trucks, and shuttle buses, Motiv’s new lineup extends its commitment to clean energy and cutting-edge technology.

Why It Matters

The announcement comes at a critical time as the commercial trucking industry grapples with increasing calls for electrification. Factors such as net-zero regulations, federal tax breaks, fluctuating gas prices, corporate sustainability drives, and customer demand are propelling the shift towards EVs. The market is primed for reliable, established electric vehicles capable of handling 2-6 ton payloads, and Motiv aims to fill this gap.

Key Points

Motiv’s new trucks represent a leap forward in EV technology. The company has partnered with Nidec to design a six-phase motor and motor controller that outperforms traditional internal combustion engines in torque. They also co-developed the first ONE Aries™ LFP battery system on the market, capable of achieving a 200-mile range on a single charge.

The new vehicles have been engineered to offer several notable advantages:

  • Class 8 Diesel Comparable Torque: The co-developed motor and controller delivers powerful torque equal to Class 8 diesel trucks, making these EVs faster than gasoline equivalents under full load.
  • Simplified Design: A more efficient powertrain design reduces component numbers, resulting in a more reliable unit with fewer maintenance needs and a more sustainable refrigerant usage.
  • Enhanced Driving Range: The ONE Aries™ LFP battery, co-developed with ONE, delivers a 150-200-mile range, enabling fleets to drive the full range even at max payload, broadening the potential for electrification.
  • Battery Safety and Sustainability: The LFP battery, devoid of nickel and cobalt, is more cost-effective, sustainable, and safer due to its design that eliminates the possibility of thermal events.
  • High Customizability: The new vehicles offer options for two or three battery packs, multiple charge port locations, and various high-voltage accessories, catering to a range of specialized body requirements.

Bottom Line

The launch of Motiv’s next-generation electric trucks seeks to address critical barriers to commercial fleet electrification, including payload confidence, range anxiety, and serviceability concerns. With these vehicles now available for purchase and first customer shipments expected in June, Motiv is poised to make a significant contribution to the industry’s green transition. As Motiv CEO Tim Krauskopf puts it, the ultimate success lies in winning the driver’s advocacy for Motiv’s EVs.


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