NIO’s ET5 and EL7 Soar High in Euro NCAP’s Enhanced 2023 Safety Evaluation

What’s Happening

The Chinese automotive manufacturer NIO has achieved remarkable success in the updated 2023 Euro NCAP (European New Car Assessment Programme) safety tests. In this latest evaluation, two NIO vehicles — the Large Family car ET5 and the Large SUV EL7 — were among the first to secure the prestigious five-star rating.

Why It Matters

Euro NCAP’s 2023 safety testing protocol introduces new systems for child presence detection, vehicle submergence specifications, and state-of-the-art technology that detects and responds to motorcyclists and vulnerable road users. In this light, the high rating secured by NIO is a significant achievement, highlighting the company’s commitment to safety and underlining its growing global ambitions.


Key Points

The ET5 and EL7 not only demonstrated robust passive safety measures, ensuring the protection of the driver, passengers, and vulnerable road users, but also performed exceptionally in the newly introduced Euro NCAP Active Safety scenarios. These scenarios include Car-to-Motorcycle, Car-to-Car Crossing, Car-to-Car Head-on, Dooring, and Driver State Monitoring. However, NIO recognizes that there remains room for improvement, particularly in complex scenarios such as Car-to-Car Crossing at higher speeds.

Advanced safety features of the NIO vehicles include an eCall system to alert emergency services post-crash, a post-impact braking system to prevent secondary collisions, and mechanisms that maintain door and window functionality in case of submersion, enabling occupant escape.

Bottom Line

Despite the increased rigour of the 2023 Euro NCAP rating scheme, NIO’s ET5 and EL7 have managed to secure five-star ratings, showcasing the strength of the brand’s safety technologies. A standout feature is NIO’s innovative use of an ultra-long-range LIDAR sensor mounted on the roof, enhancing collision avoidance capability and paving the way for future automated driving advancements. As Michiel van Ratingen, Euro NCAP Secretary General stated, this success emphasizes the continued adaptation of Euro NCAP to challenge manufacturers, with the ultimate goal of ensuring the safety of drivers and road users.


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