Nuvve Secures Major DC Fast Charger Order, Enhancing Green Mobility in New England Schools

What’s Happening

Nuvve Holding Corp., a worldwide leader in vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology, announced its largest order of 25 bi-directional DC Rapid HD Charging Stations, assigned to the NRT Bus, a subsidiary of Beacon Mobility. This strategic initiative aims to power the new electric school buses at Lawrence Public Schools, Massachusetts.

Why It Matters

Nuvve’s provision of its uniquely engineered chargers for V2G operations reflects a significant step in the broader efforts of promoting sustainable mobility. The V2G chargers, in combination with 25 new electric school buses manufactured by Thomas Built Buses, underpin a green transportation initiative funded by the largest Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Clean School Bus Grant given in Massachusetts last year. The buses are anticipated to arrive in 2024, whereas the charging units are expected to be delivered by December 2023.

Key Points

The Nuvve K-12 division will oversee the deployment of these DC Rapid HD Charging Stations from site planning at the district’s transportation yard to the final utility interconnection and commissioning. These charging stations come with pre-configured compatibility to work seamlessly with Nuvve’s GIVe™ platform. This intelligent solution facilitates charging during low-rate periods and discharging during high-rate times when the grid experiences high demand. The V2G services will receive support under National Grid’s ConnectedSolutions battery program.

Bottom Line

This move signals a tangible stride in environmentally conscious transportation, which is particularly crucial for the densely populated Lawrence community. Presently, the Lawrence Public Schools serve 13,000 K-12 students with NRT Bus’ fleet of 21 full-size diesel buses and 55 minibuses. The introduction of 25 electric school buses could dramatically cut carbon emissions by an estimated 1.35 million pounds per year. This reduction equates to the impact of growing over 10,000 trees for a decade or removing 136 gas-powered passenger cars from the roads for a year. This development not only enhances the sustainability profile of the New England schools but also promises a cleaner, quieter, and healthier commuting environment for the students.


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