Panasonic and Mazda Forge Strategic Partnership for Lithium-Ion Batteries

Panasonic Energy and Mazda enter discussions to form a key strategic partnership to supply automotive cylindrical lithium-ion batteries, advancing electrification in the automotive industry and fostering growth in a rapidly expanding market.

What’s Happening

Panasonic Energy Co., Ltd. and Mazda Motor Corporation have agreed to initiate discussions on forging a medium- to long-term partnership. The focal point of this partnership will be the supply of cylindrical lithium-ion batteries for Electric Vehicles (EVs), in response to the growing demand within an increasingly expanding market.

Why It Matters

Both companies are setting out on concrete negotiations aimed at Panasonic Energy becoming Mazda’s primary supplier of automotive lithium-ion batteries. These batteries are to be manufactured at Panasonic Energy’s plants located in Japan and North America. Furthermore, Mazda plans to incorporate batteries procured from Panasonic Energy into its EVs scheduled for launch in the latter part of this decade.

Key Points

Panasonic Energy’s CEO, Kazuo Tadanobu, stated the collaboration would be pivotal in realizing a society where the pursuit of happiness is synchronized with a sustainable environment. The alliance aims to drive the growth of the lithium-ion battery industry and accelerate efforts towards zero emissions. Mazda’s Senior Managing Executive Officer, Masahiro Moro, highlighted the partnership as a part of their electrification strategy and praised Panasonic Energy’s pioneering role in automotive lithium-ion batteries.

Bottom Line

The forthcoming partnership between Panasonic Energy and Mazda marks the next phase in a long-established relationship between the two entities. Mazda previously incorporated Panasonic batteries into its Demio EV, leased in Japan since 2012. Through this strategic alliance, both companies aim to contribute to the growth of the automotive and battery industries, and address social issues such as regional employment stability and human resource development. The partnership symbolizes a significant step forward in global efforts to combat climate change through electrification and sustainability initiatives.


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