Parkopedia Partners with Plugsurfing: A Boost for European EV Charging Infrastructure

Parkopedia and Plugsurfing come together, integrating Drive API into Parkopedia’s in-car Payment Platform, facilitating convenient EV charging across Europe. Discover how this partnership enhances the charging experience for electric vehicle drivers.

What’s Happening

Parkopedia has inked a partnership with Europe’s top eMobility Service Provider (eMSP), Plugsurfing. The collaboration focuses on incorporating Plugsurfing’s state-of-the-art solution, the Drive API, into Parkopedia’s cutting-edge in-car Payment Platform.

Why It Matters

This union enables drivers to effortlessly locate, initiate, and pay for charging services at over half a million charge points spread across Europe and the UK. This is achieved through the application of Parkopedia’s reliable, verified data. Besides, charging sessions can be initiated and paid for remotely, directly within the vehicle, leading to enhanced value and convenience for the users.

Key Points

This innovative collaboration brings the EV charging process right into the vehicle. It streamlines the search for charging stations, accurately locating them, and simplifying payment for charging sessions. Not only does this partnership tap into a vast network of chargers across Europe, but it also addresses some of the critical challenges EV drivers face.

Under this new arrangement, Plugsurfing takes on the responsibility of handling all payments and ensuring Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance as the ‘Merchant of Record’. Meanwhile, Parkopedia takes on an orchestration role, merging EV charging payments with wider in-car payment services. This covers vehicle-focused services such as parking, all managed through Parkopedia’s Single Sign-on Payment Platform. This synergy combines the expertise of both companies, providing automakers and drivers with a seamless activation and payment solution for public charging across Europe.

Bottom Line

As Duncan Licence, Chief Product Officer at Parkopedia, puts it, “Parkopedia and Plugsurfing offer complementary services to EV drivers. The partnership allows automakers to benefit from a substantial charging network, comprehensive parking and charging data, and end-to-end in-car payment services.” This partnership, in conjunction with Plugsurfing’s vast European charging network, presents drivers with the best possible charging experience.

Furthermore, Will Gill, Chief Product and Technology Officer at Plugsurfing, emphasized the value of this collaboration, stating, “Our new partnership with Parkopedia will bring even more convenience to drivers with this integrated solution, as EV drivers charge where they park.”


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