Pirelli Dominates EV Tire Market at IAA

Pirelli showcased its leading position in the premium electric vehicle tire market during the IAA Mobility car show in Munich. The statistics revealed that Pirelli tires graced nearly 25% of the Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs) and 30% of the plug-in hybrids featured at the show. All these vehicles were fitted with tires ranging from the P Zero to Scorpion series, all marked with the “Elect” stamp, indicating their specialized design for electric vehicles.

Why It Matters

The traction Pirelli has gained in the electric mobility sector emphasizes the growing demand and importance of specialized tires for electric and hybrid vehicles. The company’s success reflects the quality and performance of its products and underlines the trend of rapidly expanding electric mobility worldwide.

Key Points

  • Since its inception in 2019, Pirelli’s Elect technology has achieved over 300 homologations, adapting tires to the unique needs of each vehicle model.
  • In the first half of 2023, new homologations experienced a growth rate of more than 125% compared to the previous year, marking Pirelli’s rising influence in the electric mobility sector.
  • The BMW iX5 Hydrogen, the only hydrogen car at the IAA Mobility Show, also sported Pirelli tires, notably the FSC®-marked P Zero – a tire produced with Forest Stewardship Council® certified natural rubber.

Bottom Line

Piero Misani, Senior Vice President of Research and Development at Pirelli, highlighted the company’s leading role in the electric mobility space, emphasizing its innovative R&D division. He noted that Pirelli’s distinctive technology for electric cars integrates seamlessly across their product lines, offering versatility and tailored solutions for car manufacturers. The rising demand for bespoke BEV and PHEV tires and the introduction of the new P Zero E are expected to boost Elect homologation approvals further.

Pirelli’s commitment to the electric vehicle market is evident through their tailored Elect technology and the recent Pirelli P Zero E tire launch. As electric and hybrid vehicles continue to gain market share, the demand for specialized tires that optimize performance, range, and comfort will grow, and Pirelli appears poised to meet that demand.


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