Polaris Launches Pro XD Kinetic

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Polaris Commercial introduces the Pro XD Kinetic, a full-size, all-electric Utility Task Vehicle (UTV) designed specifically for heavy-duty jobsites and applications, marking a significant step in operational efficiency and sustainability. This new addition to Polaris’s lineup is engineered to endure tough duty cycles, offering a zero-emission solution for all-day operation without compromising on power or performance.

The Pro XD Kinetic is the result of Polaris’s commitment to innovation and its response to the growing demand for environmentally friendly, electric utility vehicles in commercial settings. “Going all-electric with the professional-grade Pro XD UTV empowers customers to meet sustainability obligations without sacrificing capabilities,” says Aaron Stegemann, Vice President of Polaris Commercial. The vehicle boasts features that cater to the specific needs of rental, construction, and industrial sectors, delivering durability, serviceability, and safety with the added benefits of electric power.

Key Features of the Pro XD Kinetic include an all-electric powertrain developed through a partnership with Zero Motorcycles®, offering 1,250 lbs of cargo and 2,500 lbs of towing capacity. This powertrain not only provides instantaneous torque and precise handling but also significantly reduces maintenance needs, thereby increasing vehicle uptime and reducing operational costs. The vehicle’s maintenance costs are approximately 60 percent lower than those of similar gas-powered vehicles.

Safety remains a paramount feature of the Pro XD Kinetic, mirroring the standards set by its gas and diesel counterparts. Enhanced visibility through orange seatbelts and vehicle decals, optional lighting accessories, a standard horn, and backup alarm are designed to improve jobsite safety. Additionally, the vehicle’s top speed can be calibrated between 5-40 mph to comply with jobsite regulations, while its electric drivetrain reduces noise, enhancing communication among crew members.

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The Pro XD Kinetic is built to last, featuring heavy-duty components and a 14.9 kWh Lithium-Ion battery backed by a five-year warranty. It promises up to 45 miles of range per charge and can save approximately $2,800 in fuel costs over five years compared to its gas-powered equivalent. Notably, the vehicle can be charged using standard 110V outlets or 220V for faster charging, eliminating the immediate need for new charging infrastructure.

Polaris’s Pro XD lineup offers versatility and customization with a wide range of accessories to enhance productivity and meet diverse operational needs. The Pro XD Kinetic extends this lineage, combining traditional Pro XD attributes with the advantages of electric power, setting a new standard for work UTVs in terms of efficiency, sustainability, and performance.

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