PowerCo and QuantumScape Solid-State Battery Partnership

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PowerCo and QuantumScape have entered into a landmark agreement to industrialize QuantumScape’s advanced solid-state lithium-metal battery technology for mass production. This partnership aims to meet the growing global demand for superior electric vehicle batteries.

Key Highlights:

  • Agreement Overview: QuantumScape grants PowerCo a license to mass-produce battery cells using its solid-state technology.
  • Production Capacity: PowerCo can manufacture up to 40 GWh annually, with potential expansion to 80 GWh, enough for one million vehicles per year.
  • Collaboration Details: The partnership leverages QuantumScape’s technology and PowerCo’s manufacturing expertise to accelerate industrialization.
  • Technology Focus: QuantumScape’s proprietary solid-state ceramic separator enables a pure lithium-metal anode for high energy density, fast charging, and robust safety.
  • Target Product: Batteries will be scaled for integration into Volkswagen Group vehicle series.
PowerCo and QuantumScape Solid-State Battery Partnership

Under this non-exclusive license, PowerCo can manufacture up to 40 gigawatt-hours (GWh) per year, with an option to expand to 80 GWh, sufficient for approximately one million vehicles annually. The collaboration represents a high-touch engagement aimed at achieving gigawatt-hour-scale production of solid-state technology to meet the increasing demand for superior electric vehicle batteries. This agreement supersedes a previous joint venture between Volkswagen Group and QuantumScape.

The partnership leverages the companies’ core competencies: QuantumScape’s cutting-edge technology and PowerCo’s global manufacturing capabilities. A combined workforce initiative, comprising experts from both companies, will accelerate the industrialization of QuantumScape’s technology.

QuantumScape’s technology is based on a proprietary solid-state ceramic separator, enabling the use of a pure lithium-metal anode. This innovation is designed for exceptional energy density, fast charging, and a robust safety profile. The target product will be scaled for integration into a Volkswagen Group vehicle series.

Frank Blome, CEO of PowerCo, commented: “With this cooperation, we aim to bring the most sustainable and cutting-edge battery cells to our customers. We have been collaborating and testing QuantumScape prototype cells for years now, and we look forward to bringing this technology of the future into series production. QuantumScape’s technology is poised to enter a pivotal stage where PowerCo’s specialized expertise, resources, and global factories can help facilitate the transition to industrial-scale production.”

Thomas Schmall, Volkswagen Group Board Member for Technology, added:Electric vehicles are the future of mobility, and this agreement with QuantumScape will ensure the Volkswagen Group’s global fleet has access to this groundbreaking battery technology for years to come. We are committed to driving the industry forward to ensure that our electric vehicles set the benchmark for excellence and sustainability.”

Dr. Siva Sivaram, CEO and president of QuantumScape, stated: “This agreement is a major step in our long-term global scale-up strategy to bring QuantumScape’s solid-state lithium-metal battery technology to market. Combining our cutting-edge technology with PowerCo’s expertise in manufacturing and industrialization, this deal establishes a blueprint for a capital-light business approach and positions us at the forefront of energy storage innovation. Working closely with PowerCo as our first customer will help us accelerate commercialization and adoption of these game-changing batteries together.”

To lead PowerCo in this next phase of collaboration with QuantumScape, Frank Blome stepped off QuantumScape’s board of directors. Blome had served on the board since 2020 as one of the two board members designated by the Volkswagen Group, which continues to be QuantumScape’s largest shareholder. His successor will be announced in the coming months.

Jagdeep Singh, co-founder and board chairman of QuantumScape, remarked: “Frank Blome has been an exceptional partner for QuantumScape for many years. He has provided invaluable contributions to QuantumScape’s product portfolio strategy and key decisions about industrialization. As we move forward, Frank will continue to be an active partner in this relationship as an anchor manufacturer of our innovative battery technology, ensuring strength and continuity in our collaborative efforts.”

About PowerCo: Founded by Volkswagen Group in 2022, PowerCo is a global battery cell manufacturer responsible for the development and production of battery cells and vertical integration of the value chain. The company is building three cell factories in Germany, Spain, and Canada, with a total volume of up to 200 GWh per year.

About QuantumScape Corporation: QuantumScape aims to revolutionize energy storage to enable a sustainable future. Its next-generation solid-state lithium-metal battery technology is designed for greater energy density, faster charging, and enhanced safety. For more information, visit www.quantumscape.com.

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