PPG Opens Innovative Battery Pack Application Center in Tianjin, China for Electric Vehicle Battery Pack Development

PPG, a leading provider of paints, coatings, and specialty materials, inaugurates a state-of-the-art Battery Pack Application Center (BPAC) in Tianjin, China, to enhance the development of new electric vehicle (EV) technologies.

What’s Happening

PPG has recently unveiled its newest venture: a Battery Pack Application Center (BPAC) situated in Tianjin, China. Representing a $30 million investment, this cutting-edge facility boasts a full suite of capabilities that facilitate the testing and application of PPG’s proprietary coating technologies, materials, and systems specifically tailored for EV battery packs.

Why It Matters

The establishment of this application center serves as a critical landmark in PPG’s ongoing efforts to back its clientele in China’s rapidly expanding EV battery market. As explained by Vincent Robin, PPG’s Global Vice President, Automotive Coatings, the facility presents an invaluable resource for customers. It enables the validation of adaptable coating solutions that promise to minimize application costs, extend battery lifespan and charging speed, and bolster occupant safety.

Key Points

A wide range of PPG technologies will be subjected to application testing at the BPAC. These include powder coatings, fire protection coatings, dielectric coatings, adhesives, sealants, surface pre-treatment, and e-coat technologies. The center’s modular design will permit independent projects to run simultaneously in each application area, offering flexibility that paves the way for development of diverse material and process solutions to cater to an array of current and potential clients.

Emphasizing the importance of the center, Thomas Li, PPG Vice President, Asia Pacific, Automotive Coatings, said, “The application center showcases PPG’s work in R&D and application technologies for EV batteries. It plays a significant role in developing our local talent in Tianjin. The center underlines our focus on creating sustainable, innovative technologies in China, providing our customers with value-added solutions.”

Bottom Line

PPG, with its 140-year history of trust, collaboration, and innovation, is committed to developing and delivering paints, coatings, and specialty materials that address its customers’ most pressing challenges. With the inauguration of the Battery Pack Application Center in Tianjin, PPG continues to drive innovation and sustainability in the EV battery market. Through this facility, PPG aims to maintain its growth trajectory and reaffirms its commitment to “protect and beautify the world.”


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