LOS ANGELESINDIEV has revealed exclusive new footage of the INDI One driving through Beverly Hills. The footage marks a pre-production milestone, driving down historic Rodeo Drive just blocks from INDIEV’s first Brand Experience Center. Media members, local government and green energy leaders, and Los Angeles influencers were given test rides in the INDI One, the first time that test rides of the have been publicly available on the west coast.

“It was a smooth quiet ride in the INDI One, but the kicker is being able to game on a full-blown PC with VR” DaPoets, Tech influencer

“I’m so excited to be a part of the edge of the future here at INDI” -Stephanie Heiner, INDI Innovator

“It really put the future of technology into perspective for me” -Alliestrasza, streamer & influencer

“The INDI One is the car for live streamers!” -Nezst, Twitch streamer

Alongside the new footage, updated specifications for the Standard and Premium Trim packages were unveiled:

INDI ONE Standard Trim:

  • Range- 230mi
  • 0-60mph- 6.7s
  • Torque– 410 Nm
  • Battery- 76 kWh
  • Horsepower– 275 hp
  • Top Speed- 120mph
  • Charging- 100 kW DC
  • Powertrain- Single Motor RWD
  • Starting Price- $45,000

INDI ONE Premium Trim:

  • Range- 300mi
  • 0-60mph- 4.2s
  • Torque– 730 Nm
  • Battery- 95 kWh
  • Horsepower– 475 hp
  • Top Speed- 130mph
  • Charging- 150 kW DC
  • Powertrain- Dual Motor AWD
  • Starting Price- $69,000

Colors – Pacific Pearl, Premiere, Melrose, Laguna, Griffith, Beverly Blush, Silverlake, City Nights, & Sunset
L/W/H – 189″|78″|67″
Trunk Cargo Space – 43 cu ft

About INDIEV – INDIEV was founded in Los Angeles in 2017 on the idea that the future of personal mobility will no longer be defined solely by horsepower or top speed, but rather from the connectivity, customizability, and processing power offered to drivers and passengers. Anchored by the Vehicle Integrated Computer, INDIEV hopes to bring tremendous computing power and endless options for creativity into personal transportation.

At INDIEV, We Do Cars, and You Do You.