Renault Kangoo: The Segment’s Best-Selling Electric Vehicle Since 2011

A deep dive into Renault Kangoo’s journey, from its role as an EV pioneer to its crowning as the best-selling electric vehicle in its category, underscoring Renault’s EV expertise and future-focused initiatives.

What’s Happening

Renault Kangoo, a trailblazer in electric vehicles (EVs), has consistently held the top spot as the best-selling EV in its category since 2011. Born out of Renault’s pioneering efforts in the EV landscape, Kangoo was the first vehicle of its kind to win the prestigious title of International Van of the Year in 2011, marking a significant milestone in the evolution of electric vans. The Maubeuge factory in northern France has been instrumental in this success, producing more than 90,000 Renault Kangoo and 10,000 partner vehicles since its inception.

Why It Matters

The Renault Kangoo has been crucial to Renault’s overall development of EV technology, starting as a testbed for electric and hybrid technology in the early 2000s. Building on early small-scale runs, Renault has honed its expertise in EV design, industrialization, and maintenance. This expertise has since been leveraged to design the new high-performance Kangoo E-Tech electric vehicle. It’s this rich legacy that underpins Kangoo’s popularity, with total production figures crossing 100,000 units when accounting for partner vehicles.

Key Points

The Kangoo E-Tech electric vehicle, a result of years of dedication and innovation, is available in two lengths, suitable for business and private customers. It offers a host of customizable options, courtesy of more than 350 Renault Pro+ certified converters. Partnerships with companies like TIBCO, an eco-friendly digital services provider, further bolster Renault’s commitment to sustainable mobility, as they work on transforming their fleet with 50% electric models, including the Kangoo E-Tech electric.

Bottom Line

The Maubeuge factory stands at the core of Renault’s electric ambitions. As part of the ElectriCity hub – Europe’s largest and most competitive electric vehicle production hub, Renault aims to ramp up its EV production to 480,000 vehicles per year by 2025. Renault’s €450 million investment in the plant underlines its commitment to superior production quality and innovation. With plans to create 350 direct jobs between now and 2024, the future looks bright for the Renault Kangoo, setting the stage for the next chapter in Renault’s electrifying journey.


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