Revamping Hawai’i’s Electric Mobility: Tritium Earns First-ever NEVI Fast Charger Contract

What’s Happening

In a pioneering move, Tritium DCFC Limited (Tritium), a global trailblazer in direct current (DC) fast chargers for electric vehicles (EVs), has announced its assignment as the exclusive fast charger provider for the first phase of Hawai’i’s National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) Formula Program. Tritium takes the stage as the inaugural manufacturer to secure an order for fast chargers under the federally funded NEVI initiative.

Why It Matters

Hawai’i, recognized globally for its commitment to sustainability, is projected to be one of the first states to install these fast chargers, a stride forward in its transition to e-mobility. By partnering with Tritium, Hawai’i is set to reap the environmental benefits of a swift technological switch to electric vehicles. Tritium’s contribution promises to bolster Hawai’i’s EV charging infrastructure, driving the state towards a cleaner, more sustainable future.

Key Points

In September 2022, the Federal Highway Administration greenlit Hawai’i’s Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Deployment Plan, making $2.6 million of NEVI funding accessible for FY2022. As part of their plan, the Hawai’i Department of Transportation (HDOT) is utilizing its existing contract with Sustainability Partners. They aim to procure eight Tritium NEVI systems, amounting to 32 PKM150 (150kW) chargers and 16 power units.

The initial round of funding will be used to purchase these systems from Aloha Charge, a National Car Charging company. They are expected to be the first funded and installed under the NEVI program. The NEVI initiative, established through the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, is predicted to inject $5 billion over five years into the development of EV charging infrastructure across the nation’s highways, including almost 1000 miles of roadway in Hawai’i.

Bottom Line

Tritium’s unique fast-charging systems, announced as available for purchase in March, promise reliable, high-powered charging solutions for electric vehicles. With this advancement, Hawai’i takes a leap towards significant shifts in their energy mix and greater energy independence. The NEVI program paves the way for a nationwide shift towards cleaner transportation, not only shaping a sustainable and resilient future for American communities but driving a nationwide transformation towards clean transportation. The upcoming phases of the NEVI program will see HDOT installing charging facilities along the designated Alternative Fuel Corridors, heralding an era of e-mobility.


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