Revolutionizing EV Batteries: OneD and Koch Modular

In a significant advancement for electric vehicles (EVs), OneD Battery Sciences and Koch Modular Process Systems, LLC, have announced a strategic partnership. This collaboration aims to revolutionize the production of silicon-graphite anode materials, crucial for next-generation affordable EV batteries.

OneD, a frontrunner in silicon anode technologies, and Koch Modular, an expert in process engineering and modular construction, are focusing on large-scale production. The partnership leverages Koch Modular’s expertise in silane gas manufacturing and OneD’s innovative SINANODE technology. SINANODE uniquely integrates nano-silicon into graphite anode materials already in use by EV cell makers.

The two companies are in the process of designing the first integrated North American plant. This facility is expected to produce 20,000 tons of silicon-graphite anode material annually, enough for approximately 1 million EVs.

Vincent Pluvinage, Ph.D., CEO of OneD, highlighted the partnership’s significance in reducing reliance on overseas anode material imports. He emphasized its role in bolstering the North American EV battery supply chain to compete more effectively in the global market.

SINANODE technology represents a paradigm shift in silicon anode manufacturing. It grows nano-silicon directly within the pores of EV-grade graphite powders, enhancing performance while reducing costs. This method doesn’t displace existing graphite producers but adds value to their products.

George Schlowsky, President of Koch Modular, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration. He stressed the strategic placement of their silane modular plant adjacent to the SINANODE processing facility, which is anticipated to significantly enhance silicon-enhanced graphite production.

Koch Modular’s globally transportable modules for silane production are set to support sustainable scaling of SINANODE plants worldwide. This move aligns with OneD’s strategy to optimize production locations for the EV battery supply chains.

Silicon anodes are recognized for increasing the energy density of EV batteries, thus enhancing range while reducing weight. However, mass adoption hinges on cost-effective production methods. The partnership between OneD and Koch Modular addresses this challenge, promising a more cost-effective approach to utilizing silicon in EV batteries.

OneD’s SINANODE pilot facility in Moses Lake, WA, is scheduled to commence operations in early 2024, supporting the EV battery qualification process for OEMs.

About OneD Battery Sciences: A pioneer in SINANODE technology, OneD Battery Sciences is leading the way in manufacturing nano-silicon for anode electrodes in EV batteries. With over 240 issued patents, the company is at the forefront of innovation, supported by significant investments from GM Ventures and Volta Energy.

About Koch Modular: With over 40 years of process engineering experience, Koch Modular specializes in mass transfer and modular systems for the chemical processing industry. The company plays a vital role in supporting technology companies from conceptualization to commercialization.


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