Rheinmetall Launches Innovative Urban EV Charging Infrastructure

What’s Happening

Rheinmetall, in partnership with the City of Cologne and TankE GmbH, has initiated an experimental project to install curb stone charger infrastructure throughout public streets. The goal of this initiative is to integrate and trial Rheinmetall’s curb stone chargers in two diverse regions of Cologne, aiming to affirm their compatibility and the potential aesthetic and urbanistic benefits they offer. This pilot endeavor is scheduled to commence in the summer.

Why It Matters

With the integration of charger electronics, a curb stone essentially becomes a “charging pole” without any of the typical constraints. Rheinmetall CEO, Armin Papperger, expressed gratitude towards the City of Cologne for their willingness to support this progressive project, emphasizing the importance of such technologies in the shift towards wider e-mobility. Jörn Hansen, TankE GmbH’s head of corporate development, further highlighted the project’s potential to offer an alternative charging method for electric vehicles, which would seamlessly blend into the urban landscape.

Key Points

Cologne, the fourth-largest city in Germany, will be confronted with numerous complexities in the coming years due to its growing population, climate change, and rapid digitalization. As Ascan Egerer, the city’s Alderman for Mobility, puts it, the city is committed to proactively shaping this change and devising innovative solutions to these challenges. This commitment is evident in their recent letter of intent that expresses a strong interest in this innovative charging infrastructure project.

The German government’s bold goal of having 15 million electric vehicles by 2030 can only be reached if the charging capacity matches the increasing number of e-vehicles. Germany is predicted to require approximately one million public charging stations by 2030. Rheinmetall’s solution addresses the lack of space in urban areas for easily accessible public charging stations by intelligently utilizing existing urban infrastructure.

Bottom Line

Rheinmetall’s charging solution is a robust, scalable, and space-efficient answer to the demand for more public charging stations, transforming ordinary curb stones into charging poles. This innovative concept has been subjected to rigorous testing for safety and is expected to be a significant contributor to the successful transition to e-mobility, ensuring a sustainable future for upcoming generations.

TankE GmbH, a Rheinmetall subsidiary, offers a wide range of services for planning, constructing, and operating charging infrastructure, making them an ideal partner for this project. Rheinmetall will present its innovative technology at the polisMOBILITY tradeshow in Cologne, scheduled for May 24 to 26, 2023.


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