Samsung, Palmer Digital Group, and IoTecha Corp. Launch New EV Charging Kiosk

What’s Happening: Samsung, Palmer Digital Group, and IoTecha Corp. have jointly launched a new EV charging kiosk that features Samsung’s OH series displays, IoTecha’s advanced EV charging technology, and Palmer Digital Group’s durable integrated solutions. The charging kiosk provides fast and reliable charging for EV drivers and offers new opportunities for businesses to visually engage with their customers and generate revenue.

Why It Matters: The new charging kiosk is built with state-of-the-art charging and display technology, making it a flexible and efficient solution for businesses and drivers. It allows customers to build out their level 2 charging infrastructure in flexible configurations that meet their business and charging needs. Moreover, the charging kiosk has a maximum power of 19.2 kW at 80 amps per charging port, which delivers the fastest and most cost-effective level 2 charging experience for EV drivers. Businesses deploying the new charging kiosk may qualify for National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure funding to offset deployment costs.

Key Points:

  • The new EV charging kiosk has several advanced features, including intelligent monitoring systems, advanced safety features, and weather-resistant and durable construction.
  • The kiosk enables services like Plug and Charge, smart charging, ISO/IEC 15118 based Plug and Charge, and smart energy management, thanks to IoTecha’s leading smart, connected, and interoperable charging technology.
  • The displays integrated into the charging station offer new opportunities for customer engagement and revenue generation, as they can be utilized for advertisements and promotions, creating new revenue streams for businesses.

Bottom Line: The new EV charging kiosk is a result of a multi-stakeholder collaboration that brought together state-of-the-art technology to offer an EV charging solution with many types of customers, from businesses to end-users, in mind. The partnership between Samsung, Palmer Digital Group, and IoTecha Corp. has created a unique environment that engages drivers on a deeper level while charging their vehicles. The kiosk provides a reliable and convenient charging solution for businesses to attract and retain customers who drive electric vehicles.


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