Scania and ABB E-mobility Pilot Megawatt Charging System

What’s Happening

Scania has installed and tested a pilot megawatt charging system (MCS) from ABB E-mobility, marking a significant step in the development of an efficient, high-power charging solution for heavy-duty vehicles. This technology will cut the charging time in half for these vehicles.

Why It Matters

Scania and ABB E-mobility are both dedicated to facilitating a zero-emission transport future by leading the development of cutting-edge technology. Creating a fast-charging solution that provides considerable range is crucial for increasing the sales of heavy-duty vehicles capable of operating without fossil fuels.

Key Points

The initial testing of the high current charging system is the first critical step towards ABB E-mobility’s future MCS system. This will lead to the gradual deployment of high-power chargers, starting from 1,500 Ampere and ultimately reaching up to 3,000 Ampere. Scania and ABB E-mobility have both invested in this charging standard and have collaborated with CharIN in its development, with the MCS standard expected in 2024.

MCS technology is vital for Scania’s long-haul electric trucks, as driving time and resting time are legally regulated. Trucks can be driven for a maximum of 4.5 hours before drivers must take a 45-minute break. During this break, the truck must charge enough power to operate for another 4.5 hours. Due to the size of the batteries, fast and high-power charging is essential.

Fredrik Allard, Head of E-mobility at Scania, states that their goal is for 50% of all vehicles they sell annually by 2030 to be electric. The MCS is a critical component of the required infrastructure to achieve this target.

Bottom Line

ABB E-mobility, a global leader in EV charging solutions, is working with Scania on this milestone pilot to establish a precedent for the sector and demonstrate how they approach OEM charging partnerships. Scania will offer trucks with the MCS pre-standard connector to customers with specific needs starting this year, with production set to begin in 2024. ABB E-mobility plans to introduce the next iteration of its MCS technology in late 2024 or early 2025.


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