SK Signet and Francis Energy Forge Partnership to Amplify US EV Charging Network

What’s Happening

SK Signet Inc., a leading worldwide electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions provider, has confirmed a long-term EV charger supply contract with Francis Energy, the proprietor of the US’s fourth-largest fast-charging network for electric vehicles. Initially, SK Signet is slated to deliver 1,000 400 kW EV charging dispensers under the agreement.

Why It Matters

This partnership announcement comes on the heels of Ohio Governor Mike DeWine’s reveal of forthcoming EV charging stations along Ohio interstates. Ohio is pioneering these efforts as part of the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) Program. SK Signet and Francis Energy are key players in this project, underlining their commitment to bolstering the nation’s EV charging infrastructure.

Key Points

SK Signet’s CEO, Jung Ho Shin, emphasized the necessity of accessible and efficient charging for the continued adoption of EVs. Francis Energy’s CEO, David Jankowsky, echoed this sentiment, highlighting the company’s mission to construct an extensive, efficient, and affordable charging network across underserved and disadvantaged communities. SK Signet’s adaptability to rapidly evolving market demands, including its swift integration of standards such as the North American Charging Standard (NACS), underscores the company’s robust capabilities.

SK Signet’s charging stations boast wide-ranging compatibility and convenience, accepting various payment methods and offering charging for an extensive array of vehicles. Users can also reserve a charging location via a mobile application or directly from their vehicle.

Bottom Line

The announcement coincides with the inauguration of SK Signet’s first US-based EV charger manufacturing facility in Plano, Texas. This facility is projected to produce over 10,000 ultra-fast chargers annually at full capacity. SK Signet, a South Korea-based company with US headquarters in McLean, Virginia, became part of the SK family in April 2021 following an acquisition by SK Inc. Its strategic partnership with Francis Energy reinforces SK Signet’s commitment to playing a crucial role in the establishment of a comprehensive national EV charging network.


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