SK Signet’s New EV Charger Manufacturing Facility Opens in Plano, Texas

SK Signet has launched a new EV charger manufacturing facility in Plano, Texas, creating jobs, advancing US EV infrastructure, and leading the transition to a green future. This move puts Texas at the forefront of electric vehicle technology.

What’s Happening

South Korea-based SK Signet has inaugurated its EV charger manufacturing facility in Plano, Texas, a significant step towards the expansion of US-based manufacturing and R&D for advanced electric vehicle charging equipment. The grand opening was attended by Plano Mayor John Muns, Adriana Cruz, Texas Executive Director, Economic Development and Tourism, along with several other Texas state officials.

Why It Matters

The introduction of the SK Signet facility symbolizes a considerable investment in the US EV infrastructure. It comes in line with the objectives of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) and the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) program. This strategic move illustrates the US’s commitment to foster a sustainable future by leading the EV transition and offering high-skilled jobs to its citizens.

SK Signet's New EV Charger Manufacturing Facility Opens in Plano, Texas

Key Points

The SK Signet manufacturing facility will be the company’s first in the United States. Once operating at full capacity, the factory is expected to produce over 10,000 ultra-fast chargers per year, generating up to 183 jobs by 2026. This investment highlights Texas as a crucial player in future technology that powers EV charging.

A factory tour and a live demonstration of SK Signet’s new V2 charger, slated to be produced at the Plano facility, marked the grand opening. The V2 charger, first unveiled at CES 2023, offers a maximum power output of 400 kW and can charge an EV up to 80% in 15 minutes, surpassing existing chargers.

The event saw the participation of more than 180 attendees, including business partners, government officials, and local community members. This turnout underscores the widespread interest in developing the infrastructure to support electric vehicles.

Bottom Line

SK Signet’s Texas facility is set to manufacture a range of ultra-fast chargers, from standalone dispensers to power cabinets supporting multiple dispensers. It targets various customers including public charging operators, commercial companies with EV fleets, and traditional gas stations or convenience stores looking to diversify their services.

The company also plans to conduct R&D, manufacture power modules for EV chargers, conduct charger testing with automakers, and develop EV charging software and firmware to support U.S. customers.

Through this significant investment, SK Signet is positioned to offer innovative, consumer-friendly charging solutions that meet the increasing demand for more accessible and faster EV charging, both nationally and globally, driving the adoption of electric vehicles further.


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