StarCharge Showcases Energy Solutions at RE+

StarCharge will spotlight its advanced charging solutions and energy storage systems at the RE+ Exhibition. Attendees can experience these innovations at Booth #17036.

Why It Matters

The RE+ Exhibition is recognized for bringing together the pinnacle of renewable energy technology and solutions. StarCharge’s participation emphasizes its commitment to a sustainable energy transition. The company’s CEO remarked, “Our appearance at RE+ reinforces our goal to drive the global movement towards sustainable energy. We’re here to demonstrate a feasible and energy-efficient future through our state-of-the-art products.”

Key Points

  • EV Charging Solutions: StarCharge offers:
    • AC and DC chargers ranging from Level 2 (32A ~ 80A) to Level 3 (30kW ~ 480kW) chargers, equipped with CCS1 and NACS connectors. These are apt for various settings including homes, businesses, fleets, and public venues like NAVI projects.
  • Energy Storage Systems:
    • Residential battery systems ranging from 4kW ~ 10kW & 6kWh ~ 20kWh.
    • Commercial battery systems between 250KWh to over 1MWh.
    • Systems focus on backup power, demand response, frequency regulation, grid efficiency enhancement, and Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) capabilities.
  • Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G):
    • StarCharge has developed an array of V2G/V2X products ranging from 6kW ~ 19.2kW with CCS1 and NACS connectors, allowing electric vehicles to return energy to the grid or infrastructure loads.

The company’s chargers are known for their rapid charging capability, efficiency, and broad compatibility. Their home energy storage units enable efficient utilization of solar energy, and their commercial energy systems are tailored for large-scale sustainable energy consumption in business and industrial sectors.

The CTO of StarCharge emphasized, “Our mission encapsulates an energy revolution. Our solutions are designed for everyone, from electric vehicle enthusiasts to corporations aiming for a green future.”

Bottom Line

StarCharge is at the forefront of delivering innovative energy solutions, playing a pivotal role in the transition to renewable energy. The company cordially invites everyone to visit their booth at the RE+ Exhibition to witness the potential of a renewable, efficient future firsthand.


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