Stellantis Revamps Electrified Commercial Van Lineup

Stellantis, a global automotive manufacturer, has announced the renewal of its commercial vehicle lineup across Citroën, FIAT Professional, Opel, Peugeot, and Vauxhall. This rollout introduces 12 new models, emphasizing electrification, improved performance, and enhanced connectivity.

Why It Matters

The refreshed and expanded lineup underscores Stellantis’s dedication to zero-emission commercial vehicles. Their advancements aim to cater to the growing demand for eco-friendly vehicles without sacrificing performance or reliability, positioning the company at the forefront of the EV revolution in the commercial sector.

Key Points

  • The new offerings under the “Six Brands, One Force” initiative span compact, mid-size, and large segments, with notable models including New Citroën Berlingo, FIAT Professional Doblò, and Peugeot Partner.
  • Zero Emission Priority:
    • 2nd generation Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV) with an extended range up to 420 km.
    • Expansion of hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles, set to debut in large vans by 2024.
  • Upgraded Tech Features:
    • Overhauled cockpit designs.
    • New 10-inch infotainment screens.
    • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) advancing to Autonomous Level 2.
    • Standard 100% connectivity.
    • Innovative e-PTO (electric Power Take Off) feature for traction battery conversions.
  • Stellantis targets €5 billion in connected services revenue by 2030, aligning with its Dare Forward 2030 strategy.

Bottom Line

Stellantis is cementing its position as an industry leader in commercial EVs in Europe, leveraging cutting-edge technology for both BEV and hydrogen fuel-cell options. These latest developments, as highlighted by Xavier Peugeot, Senior Vice President of Stellantis Commercial Vehicles Business Unit, are in line with customer expectations and showcase innovations in propulsion, connectivity, and safety. The enhancements not only bolster the company’s green initiatives but also promise improved performance, ensuring Stellantis remains a top choice for commercial vehicle owners.


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