StoreDot Champions Battery Health Amid Fast Charging Trend

StoreDot, a leading innovator in extreme fast charging (XFC) battery technology for electric vehicles, underscores its dedication to battery chemistries that prioritize long-term battery health and mitigate degradation over an EV’s lifetime.

Why It Matters

In light of rising industry claims promoting rapid charging times and extended driving ranges, there’s a pertinent need to address the potential long-term effects on battery health and the consequent decrease in a vehicle’s range. Incorrect battery chemistry and frequent fast charges can compromise battery cell integrity and lifespan.

Key Points

  • StoreDot’s XFC technology focuses on transparent communication concerning battery health, cycle longevity, performance in varying temperatures, safety protocols, and associated costs.
  • After 1300 consecutive XFC cycles on a 30Ah format cell, StoreDot batteries retain 80% of their initial capacity, showcasing remarkable durability.
  • Dr. Doron Myersdorf, CEO of StoreDot, emphasized the company’s commitment to battery safety and longevity, highlighting that fast charging shouldn’t come at the expense of lifespan or driving range. Consistent and reliable charging, regardless of battery status when initiating a charge, is crucial for EV users.
  • OEMs are leaning towards extending battery warranties based on specific health benchmarks and mileage ranges. This underlines the importance of future-proofing batteries in light of the expanding higher-powered charging infrastructure and evolving XFC usage trends.

Bottom Line

StoreDot remains at the forefront of the battery technology race, with a clear focus on balancing rapid charging times with the long-term health and safety of batteries. Their recent successful collaborations and feedback from the A-Samples testing phase of XFC EV battery cells accentuate their commitment to battery innovation and global partnership endeavors.


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