TDK Ventures Powers 15-Minute EV Charging with Exponent Energy

Bengaluru startup Exponent Energy reimagines EV battery tech with 15-minute rapid charging and 3,000-cycle lifespan, attracting investment from TDK Ventures.

This transformative approach to EV batteries and infrastructure aims to unlock widespread EV adoption, particularly in India’s crucial last-mile delivery sector.

Key Points:

  • Exponent’s “e-stack” – battery pack, charging station, and connector – enables 15-minute EV charging with LFP cells.
  • 3,000-cycle warranty makes rapid charging affordable and sustainable.
  • Over 500 Exponent-powered EVs in action, covering 3 million km and completing 60,000+ rapid charges.
  • TDK Ventures’ investment fuels Exponent’s scaling and development for a more sustainable future.

Breaking Barriers to EV Adoption:

Exponents’ founders, Arun Vinayak and Sanjay Jagannath, address key challenges hindering EV adoption: charging time, battery life, and cost. Their technology, already proven in real-world use, offers a compelling solution:

  • 15-minute rapid charging: Eliminates range anxiety and enables swift on-the-go refuelling for last-mile delivery fleets.
  • 3,000-cycle lifespan: Extends battery life, reducing costs and environmental impact.
  • LFP cell compatibility: Leverages cost-effective and readily available batteries, making rapid charging accessible.

A Partnership for Progress:

TDK Ventures recognizes the game-changing potential of Exponent’s technology and its alignment with their vision for a cleaner, electrified future.

  • Nicolas Sauvage, TDK Ventures President, highlights Exponent’s “economical and scalable” solution as a revolutionary step towards broader EV adoption.
  • The collaboration aims to bring rapid charging, currently restricted to a privileged few, within reach of everyone.

Looking Ahead:

With TDK Ventures’ support, Exponent Energy is poised to scale its groundbreaking technology, transforming the EV landscape and accelerating the decarbonization journey.


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