TELO’s $5.4M Electric Truck Fundraise

TELO, an innovative electric vehicle (EV) company, recently secured a $5.4 million strategic investment led by Neo to further develop its pioneering electric mini-truck. This funding milestone underscores TELO’s growth and commitment to redefining electric mobility. The announcement was coupled with the appointment of Tesla co-founder, Marc Tarpenning, to TELO’s board, marking a significant advancement in the company’s journey.

Key Highlights:

  • TELO secures $5.4M investment led by Neo, with contributions from Spero Ventures and angel investors.
  • Tesla co-founder, Marc Tarpenning, joins TELO’s board, enhancing the company’s leadership and development strategy.
  • The funding will support virtual vehicle safety validation and development towards a road-ready model.
  • Over 2,500 pre-orders have been placed for the TELO Truck, demonstrating strong market demand.

TELO’s strategic raise, led by Neo and joined by Spero Ventures and several angel investors, propels the company forward in its mission to revolutionize electric mobility with its EV mini-truck. The addition of Marc Tarpenning to the board is a pivotal moment for TELO, promising to guide the company through crucial development stages with his vast experience.

Ali Partovi, CEO of Neo, expressed enthusiasm for TELO’s vision, emphasizing the potential to disrupt the traditional truck market with compact, efficient alternatives. Following a $1.78M pre-seed round in June 2023, this latest funding round further validates TELO’s innovative approach in the EV industry.

Jason Marks, TELO’s Co-Founder and CEO, highlighted the strategic nature of the investments and the alignment of their vision with that of their investors. The funding is expected to accelerate the next phase of the TELO Truck’s development, which aims to redefine electric trucks by leveraging advanced technologies for urban and autonomous driving.

TELO’s focus on creating a compact, efficient, and purpose-built mini-truck resonates with an emerging market of EV consumers looking for practical solutions in urban environments. With significant advancements in its development, including a drivable chassis and a finalized roll cage for the vehicle, TELO is on track to deliver its first set of trucks to customers, with plans for mass manufacturing in the future.

For additional information or to pre-order a TELO Truck, interested parties are encouraged to visit TELO stands as a testament to the evolving landscape of electric vehicle companies, offering cost-effective, intelligently designed trucks suited for modern city living and adventure.

About TELO: TELO pioneers in the creation of intelligently designed, compact electric trucks tailored for urban living and weekend excursions. Its flagship product, the TELO Truck, introduced in 2023, challenges conventional vehicle design with its compact size and efficient use, securing over 2,000 pre-orders post-launch. Co-founded by a visionary team including Jason Marks, Forrest North, and Yves Béhar, TELO aims to lead in the next era of EV companies with its affordable, innovative solutions.

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