The Shyft Group Unveils Blue Arc Class 5 Crew Cab Electric Work Truck

What’s Happening: The Shyft Group has introduced an all-electric Class 5 Crew Cab truck called Blue Arc™ EV Solutions during a press conference at the NTEA’s Work Truck Week 2023 in Indianapolis. The vehicle has been optimized for crews with a spacious interior and weather-protected steps for safe curbside entrance and exit.

Why It Matters: The Blue Arc Class 5 All Electric Crew Cab is an innovative and flexible solution for customers who require a variety of body types for their work trucks, such as stake trucks, box trucks, and dump trucks. The truck is also optimized for Level 2 and DC fast charging, with an accelerated charge time of 2-6 hours and a 200-plus mile range, making it an efficient and environmentally friendly option for the commercial vehicle industry.

Key Points:

  • The Blue Arc Class 5 All Electric Crew Cab has been designed explicitly for crew comfort, safety, and productivity.
  • Using Blue Arc’s proprietary modular Class 5 commercial-grade EV chassis, the truck is built to handle payloads and go the distance in end uses such as construction, trades, municipalities, snow removal, and landscaping.
  • The all-electric vehicle is optimized for Level 2 and DC fast charging with an accelerated charge time of 2-6 hours and a 200-plus mile range.
  • The lightweight aluminum dump body on display at Work Truck Week is designed by the company’s DuraMag™ brand and features a payload capacity ranging from 6,000-10,000 pounds.
  • The Class 5 EV chassis will also be available in strip chassis and cowl chassis in the near future to electrify buses, shuttles, motorcoaches, and other vehicles making a transition to all-electric.

Bottom Line: The Shyft Group’s Blue Arc Class 5 Crew Cab is a unique and highly flexible all-electric vehicle that offers an innovative solution for customers in the commercial vehicle industry. The truck’s design is optimized for crew comfort, safety, and productivity, while its efficient charging system and long-range capabilities make it a practical and environmentally friendly choice. The Shyft Group is showcasing several other innovations from its networked family of brands at Work Truck Week, demonstrating its commitment to driving solutions across the commercial vehicle industry.


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