Toyota C-HR Hybrid Production Begins

Toyota Motor Europe (TME) has kicked off the production of the redesigned Toyota C-HR, which now includes a plug-in hybrid variant, marking the company’s first venture into assembling batteries for such vehicles on European soil. This move, which comes alongside a significant €308 million investment, occurs at the Toyota Motor Manufacturing Turkey (TMMT) facility in Sakarya, Turkey.

Why It Matters

The launch of the all-new Toyota C-HR represents a critical step in Toyota’s commitment to electrification and carbon neutrality. As consumers increasingly prioritize sustainability, the introduction of the C-HR with a plug-in hybrid option signals Toyota’s dedication to offering environmentally friendly mobility solutions. Moreover, local battery assembly aligns with broader industry trends toward reducing supply chain dependencies and boosting regional production capabilities.

Key Points

  • Electrified Variants: The Toyota C-HR lineup includes four electrified models, ensuring a wide range of options for consumers.
  • Strong Sales Performance: The C-HR has sold over 800,000 units, significantly contributing to Toyota’s market share growth in Europe.
  • Investment in Electrification: The €308 million investment in TMMT boosts the plant’s total investment to €2.5 billion, emphasizing Toyota’s commitment to European production and electrification.
  • Production Capacity: The new battery assembly line has an annual capacity for 75,000 units, indicating substantial production scalability.
  • Environmental Goals: Toyota’s strategy includes reaching 100% CO2 reduction in its European vehicle lineup by 2035 and achieving carbon neutrality in all European manufacturing by 2040.

Bottom Line

The start of the new Toyota C-HR’s production, complete with a plug-in hybrid variant, is more than just an automotive update—it’s a strategic move towards a greener future. Toyota’s investment in local battery assembly and commitment to electrified vehicles are pivotal in the automotive industry’s race toward sustainability. With Toyota setting its sights on a carbon-neutral future, the C-HR is a significant milestone on that journey.


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