Toyota Unveils Two New BEV Concept Models at Auto Shanghai

What’s Happening: Toyota Motor Corporation has revealed two battery electric vehicle (BEV) concept models, the bZ Sport Crossover Concept and bZ FlexSpace Concept, at Auto Shanghai 2023. As part of Toyota’s bZ series dedicated to BEVs, these vehicles are set to launch in the Chinese market in 2024 and are among the ten BEV models Toyota aims to release by 2026.

Why It Matters: These new concept models represent Toyota’s commitment to expanding its electric vehicle offerings and meeting growing consumer demand for environmentally friendly transportation options. By partnering with local companies, Toyota is better positioned to create products that appeal to the Chinese market, which is a key player in the global EV industry.

Toyota Unveils Two New BEV Concept Models at Auto Shanghai

Key Points:

  • The bZ Sport Crossover Concept is being developed in collaboration with BTET, FAW Toyota Motor, and TMEC. It features an active, distinctive styling and is designed to cater to younger customers, such as Generation Z. The model’s concept is “Reboot,” and it aims to offer an evolving driving experience with intelligent features like driver assistance and automatic parking.
  • The bZ FlexSpace Concept, jointly developed by Toyota, GAC, GAC Toyota Motor, and TMEC, focuses on utility and family-oriented design. Its concept is “Cozy Home,” emphasizing safety, comfort, and versatility for family use. The vehicle offers a large cabin space, advanced safety features, and various intelligent functions to make daily life more enjoyable for families, friends, and couples.
  • Both concept models are expected to launch in the Chinese market in 2024, with production and sales handled by FAW Toyota Motor and GAC Toyota Motor, respectively.

Bottom Line: Toyota’s unveiling of the bZ Sport Crossover Concept and bZ FlexSpace Concept at Auto Shanghai 2023 demonstrates the company’s commitment to expanding its BEV lineup and catering to the diverse needs of consumers. By collaborating with local partners and focusing on the specific needs of the Chinese market, the company is poised to become a significant player in the rapidly growing electric vehicle industry.


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