TurnOnGreen Leads New Electric Vehicle Charging Initiative in Santa Barbara Multi-Family Units

TurnOnGreen embarks on an innovative project for electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure in Santa Barbara’s multi-family units, propelling the state’s green energy adoption forward.

What’s Happening

TurnOnGreen has begun the planning and design stages for an ambitious project. The enterprise entails setting up EV charging stations across multi-family unit dwellings in Santa Barbara, CA. The Company will implement the project on behalf of a seasoned real estate investment, development, and property management firm, which has over six decades of experience across Santa Barbara, Ventura, and San Luis Obispo Counties.

Why It Matters

The aim of the project is to facilitate EV charging solutions for 168 multi-family units within Santa Barbara County. This will be accomplished by installing TurnOnGreen’s proprietary EVP700G level 2 EV charger, a device that boasts innovative power-sharing technology, enabling extensive charging accessibility without requiring expensive power upgrades. This initiative exemplifies TurnOnGreen’s commitment to helping property owners leverage various grants to defray the costs associated with the development of EV charging infrastructure.

Key Points

The funding for this project has been secured from the Santa Barbara County Air Pollution Control District’s Clean Air Grant for Infrastructure. The ground-breaking phase is expected to commence in July 2023. Furthermore, the Client, with whom TurnOnGreen is collaborating, manages a vast portfolio of over 6,000 residential and commercial properties across Santa Barbara, Ventura, and San Luis Obispo counties.

Bottom Line

This venture highlights TurnOnGreen’s ability to provide scalable EV charging solutions to homes, businesses, and fleets throughout North America. It also reinforces the Company’s dedication to amplifying EV charging services in multi-family units and other commercial and residential spaces. With California being home to 42% of the nation’s EVs, initiatives like these could substantially boost the state’s adoption of environmentally-friendly technology. TurnOnGreen’s charging systems, which are Energy Star Certified and internationally recognized for safety and performance, demonstrate how the company is driving the adoption of green energy solutions forward.


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