UK: EV Charging Can Be Costly Without Some Planning

Our friends at released details about some of the most expensive public EV charging stations in the UK.

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With super-low running costs, an electric car will save you hundreds of pounds. But your savings will evaporate if you charge at some public charging stations.

Our research has uncovered some extortionate public EV charging prices. IONITY takes the biscuit, charging customers 69p per kWh.

To put that into context, charging a 50kWh battery will set you back £34.50, or an eye-watering £48.30 if you have a 70kWh battery!

The second most expensive charger, the BP Pulse on PAYG (pay as you go), costs 42p per kWh – way less than the IONITY, but still sky-high. Charging a 50kWh battery will set you back £21 or £29.40 for a 70kWh battery.

Our infographic below reveals the most expensive public chargers in 2021. Feel free to save it in case you need a reminder.

Check out this awesome infographic on public EV charging:

UK's most expensive public chargers
Provided by Top Charger

The UK’s most expensive public EV charging in 2021

You could pay 50% more than charging at home!

The most expensive public charger in the UK is the Ionity 350kW, costing 69p/kWh!

  • Ionity 350kW 69p/kWh
  • BP Pulse PAYG 150kW 42p/kWh
  • Shell Recharge 50kW 39p/kWh
  • Osprey 22kW to 50kW 36p/kWh
  • Instavolt 50kW 35p/kWh
  • PAYG 7kW 33p/kWh
  • Ecotricity 43kW, 50kW 30p/kWh
  • BP Pulse Subs 150kW 28p/kWh

How to get cheaper public charging

  • Plan your journeys
  • Charge for free at supermarkets
  • Sign up to an EV charging subscription
  • Avoid motorway services when possible
  • Fast public chargers (50kW) are cheaper than rapids (100kW+)

All prices are accurate as of November 2021.

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