Unico Launches BAT300 for EV Testing

Unico, a frontrunner in electric vehicle (EV) testing solutions, has unveiled the BAT300 Series at the International Battery Seminar, heralding a new era in cell formation and testing. This series, stemming from the acquisition of Present Power Systems, embodies a leap in cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and performance. It’s crafted from the Unico IDAC power platform, offering an innovative, energy-efficient solution at a competitive price. This advancement is showcased in Orlando, Fla., with Unico’s leaders providing demonstrations and discussions.

Key Highlights:

  • Industrial-grade reliability and efficiency at an affordable price.
  • Flexible to support a vast range of applications.
  • Ultra-compact design with bi-directional capability.
  • Marks Unico’s venture into new battery market sectors.
Unico Launches BAT300 for EV Testing

“With the recent acquisition of Present Power Systems, we’re already harnessing technologies from our new Advanced Technology Group, and the BAT300 Series represents our first product coming out of the acquisition,” stated Steve Bright, CEO of Unico.

The BAT300 Series stands out with its:

  • Ultimate flexibility, supporting from one to thousands of channels.
  • Specific applications including cell aging, formation, and end-of-line checks.
  • Innovative power electronics topology, integrating multiple functions into a single stage.

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This series not only fills a gap in the market for high-performance yet cost-effective solutions but also marks Unico’s first product on the new IDAC power platform post-acquisition. It’s ideal for gigafactories, R&D labs, and cell/module manufacturing lines, highlighting Unico’s commitment to innovation and efficiency.

“This latest product marks the debut of our new power electronics platform, codenamed ‘IDAC’ (Isolated DC/AC Conversion),” said Don Wright, VP of Engineering at Unico.

The BAT300 Series is a testament to Unico’s legacy in automation and its commitment to advancing electric vehicle testing technology.

About Unico

For over five decades, Unico has been at the forefront of automation, driving innovation in EV testing, artificial intelligence, metal forming, and more. With a robust team of engineers and consultants, Unico delivers precision control systems and comprehensive solutions, certified under ISO 9001:2015. Explore Unico’s pioneering technology and services at www.unicous.com.

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