UP INVINCIBLE®: Tesla Cybertruck Upgrade

Unplugged Performance, a frontrunner in Tesla vehicle upgrades, recently unveiled its UP INVINCIBLE® line, exclusively for Tesla Cybertruck enthusiasts. This launch, coinciding with Tesla’s much-awaited Cybertruck delivery event on November 30th, took place at Unplugged Performance‘s headquarters in Hawthorne, California. The event showcased the new product range, drawing significant attention and underscoring the Cybertruck’s growing appeal.

Why It Matters The introduction of UP INVINCIBLE® is a significant step in Tesla Cybertruck customization. It caters to owners seeking enhanced on-road and off-road capabilities. This development is crucial as it highlights the evolving landscape of electric vehicle personalization, reflecting a growing demand for specialized, high-performance accessories in the electric vehicle sector.

UP INVINCIBLE®: Tesla Cybertruck Upgrade

Key Points

  • Unplugged Performance: Known for high-quality Tesla enhancements.
  • UP INVINCIBLE® Range: Focuses on rugged performance, featuring heavy-duty steel bumpers, carbon fiber panels, LED light bars, advanced storage solutions, and innovative suspension products.
  • Event Highlights: CEO Ben Schaffer emphasized the range’s ability to enhance the Cybertruck’s inherent capabilities, especially in challenging terrains.
  • Availability: Select products will be available from early December, with the complete range expected in early 2024.
  • Future Plans: Unplugged Performance revealed UP.FIT’s vision for Cybertruck-based police and military vehicles.

Bottom Line Unplugged Performance’s UP INVINCIBLE® is more than an upgrade for the Tesla Cybertruck; it’s a testament to the company’s commitment to pioneering in the realm of electric vehicle performance tuning. This range not only enhances the Cybertruck’s functionality but also marks a significant moment in the evolution of electric vehicles, offering owners a chance to personalize and fortify their vehicles for diverse environments. As electric vehicle adoption grows, such innovations are set to become increasingly pivotal in the automotive industry.


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