US Nano-Silicon Startup Revs Up for EV Battery Boom

Congressman John Curtis (UT-03) toured Ionic Mineral Technologies’ (Ionic MT) new Provo facility this week, underscoring the Utah company’s pivotal role in securing America’s electric vehicle (EV) battery future. Ionic MT’s revolutionary nano-silicon anode material, Ionisil™, promises an 8x capacity boost and 10x faster charging for EVs, directly addressing range anxiety – a key consumer concern.

“We’re securing America’s EV battery supply chain,” declared Andre Zeitoun, Ionic MT’s Founder and CEO. “Our domestic nano-silicon production reduces reliance on foreign sources and fuels regional economic growth.”

Domestically Sourced, Globally Impactful:

Ionisil™ is derived from Utah’s natural mineral deposits. By mid-2024, Ionic MT’s vertically integrated operations aim to churn out 2,000 metric tons of nano-silicon annually, boasting significant cost advantages. This domestic production stands in stark contrast to the current reality – over 90% of global anode processing happens outside the US.

“We can do better and cleaner here,” emphasized Rep. Curtis. “Growing US mineral processing and manufacturing strengthens our energy independence and national security.”

Critical Materials, Critical Partnerships:

Ionic MT’s proprietary technology unlocks the full potential of its naturally sourced feedstock, delivering superior performance while prioritizing sustainability. The company targets a near net-zero emissions profile, aligning with the green energy goals driving the EV revolution.

“Congressman Curtis’ leadership in energy innovation is invaluable,” Zeitoun acknowledged. “His recognition of Ionic MT’s role in meeting critical material demands with domestic processing is a huge boost.”

Beyond Anode Boost:

Ionic MT’s ambitions extend beyond the anode. The company actively collaborates with leading battery manufacturers, positioning itself as a key player in the broader EV battery ecosystem. With its focus on innovation, sustainability, and domestic production, Ionic MT is poised to become a driving force in America’s clean energy future.


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