Vauxhall GSe: New Performance Electrified Sub-Brand

GSe offers sports design, sports handling and electrified powertrains

Vauxhall is committed to going electric and will offer an electrified version of every model on sale by 2024 and only sell 100% electric vehicles from 2028.

Today, Vauxhall is taking another step on its journey to electrification by introducing GSe – a new top-of-the-range electrified performance sub-brand.

GSe will stand for Grand Sport Electric and offer athletic looks that build on Vauxhall’s award-winning Bold & Pure design as well as driver-focused chassis set-ups that complement the higher performance of an electrified powertrain whilst retaining the zero-emissions-in-use benefits.

James Taylor, Acting Managing Director, Vauxhall, commented: “GSe will offer sports handling and looks combined with the performance and responsibility of electrified powertrains. Sitting atop the newly simplified Vauxhall range, the GSe name is both a nod to GSi performance models from our heritage as well being a complement to the GS versions in our line-up today. Vauxhall is committed to electrifying Britain and GSe shows that performance and driving pleasure are set to be part of our electric future.”

The Vauxhall electric vehicle line-up comprises the Corsa Electric, Mokka Electric, Combo Life Electric and Vivaro Life Electric and will soon be joined Astra Electric and Astra Sports Tourer Electric. The Astra, Astra Sports Tourer and Grandland are available as Plug-in Hybrids.

Vauxhall is the UK’s number one electric van brand and already offers an electric version of every van in the range. Vauxhall is committed to only offering electric cars and vans from 2028 – seven years ahead of the UK Government’s deadline.

Further details on the GSe sub-brand will be announced in due course.

About – Vauxhall Motors started making vehicles in the UK in 1903. Today, as the oldest and most familiar of Britain’s automotive manufacturers, its philosophy is to build vehicles that are relevant to all. Vauxhall’s two manufacturing plants in Ellesmere Port and Luton produced 120,000 cars and vans in 2019, and its sales accounted for 7.5 per cent of the UK market.

The company is part of Stellantis NV, a global leader created for the new era of sustainable mobility as a result of the merger between Groupe PSA and FCA Group in January 2021. Vauxhall is a leader in electrification – as of 2021 it is one of the first manufacturers to offer fully electric versions of all its vans. By 2024, all Vauxhall cars and vans will be available with an electrified version. By 2028, Vauxhall has committed to only selling fully electric vehicles.