Volkswagen Unveils First All-Electric GTI Concept

Volkswagen is propelling its iconic GTI brand into the era of electric mobility with the debut of the ID. GTI Concept at the IAA Mobility event in Munich from September 5 to 9, 2023. The unveiling occurs 48 years after the original Golf GTI made its worldwide debut at the IAA in Frankfurt. The new concept vehicle is rooted in the ID. 2all concept revealed in March, signifying Volkswagen’s commitment to delivering sporty and affordable electric vehicles.

Why It Matters

For decades, the GTI moniker has been synonymous with Volkswagen’s compact sports cars. This new concept shows that Volkswagen aims to retain the essence and performance of the GTI while transitioning into a more sustainable, electric format. It also provides the automaker with a strategic entry into the growing market for electric sports cars.

Volkswagen Unveils First All-Electric GTI Concept

Key Points

  • The ID. GTI Concept features a front-wheel-drive layout, electronic traction control, and is confirmed to go into production.
  • It incorporates state-of-the-art Vehicle Dynamics Manager, marking the first time an electric Volkswagen vehicle will include this intelligent system.
  • The vehicle allows customization of driving profiles, permitting users to emulate the performance characteristics of historic GTI models.
  • The car will offer new infotainment features, including an augmented reality head-up display for both driver and passenger, and ergonomic sport seats.

Bottom Line

Thomas Schäfer, CEO of Volkswagen, encapsulated the brand’s vision by stating, “The ID. GTI Concept is a Volkswagen sports car for the electric age that is suitable for everyday driving: 100 percent electric, 100 percent emotion.” As the automotive industry shifts towards electric vehicles, the ID. GTI Concept serves as a pivotal milestone for Volkswagen, assuring fans that the GTI legacy will continue in an eco-friendly manner while maintaining its sporty, iconic essence.


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