Volta Trucks and EAVX Form Partnership for Electric Vehicle Development

What’s Happening

Volta Trucks, a frontrunner in the all-electric commercial vehicle industry, has announced a partnership with EAVX, a division of J.B. Poindexter & Co., Inc. (JBPCO). This collaboration aims to construct truck bodies for the forthcoming Pilot Fleet of the all-electric Volta Zeros as part of their Driving Experience Program in the US.

Why It Matters

EAVX will leverage JBPCO’s extensive market insight to spearhead the design, prototyping, and production of custom bodies for the Volta Zero Pilot Fleet. Renowned for their significant expertise in manufacturing, tooling, and engineering top-tier truck bodies for electric commercial vehicles, EAVX recognizes the necessity of accurately integrating the truck bodies with the distinct frame design. This precision is critical for protecting the batteries and ensuring easy access while avoiding excess weight.

Key Points

The unique design concept and advanced technology of the Volta Zero, when combined with EAVX’s leading-edge engineering capabilities, are set to provide an unparalleled sustainable, safe, and efficient solution for urban delivery fleets in the US. The Pilot Fleet of Volta Zero trucks, featuring EAVX-designed bodies and technology, is projected to hit US roads as part of the Driving Experience Programme by late 2023.

The Driving Experience Programme in the US, designed for fleet operators to assess a Pilot Fleet of Volta Zeros in real distribution environments, will initially launch on the west coast. This program mirrors a similar initiative currently being rolled out across six European countries. The goal is to understand how these electric delivery trucks will integrate into their operations ahead of a full production vehicle rollout expected in 2024.

Bottom Line

The CEO of Volta Trucks, Essa Al-Saleh, expressed his delight in partnering with EAVX, citing their proven expertise in designing innovative mobility solutions as invaluable in creating an optimal cargo body for their trucks. EAVX General Manager and COO, Mark Hope, echoed this sentiment, emphasizing his team’s excitement and passion for creating sustainable mobility solutions. This partnership marks a significant stride forward in enhancing the efficiency of the industry and ensuring that the Volta Zero becomes a standout proposition in the crucial US market.


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